Saturday, 26 December 2015

Rapunzel, Rapunzel; Let Down Thy Chocolate Hair!

My Favourite Chocolate In The World, Is One That Contains 70% Cocoa, I LOVE Dark Chocolate.
But Not If It's Bitter; A Lot Of Dark Chocolates Fail To Balance Out Their Dark, Bitter Undertones, With Sweet, Sugary Flavours.
I Am NOT a Fan.

THIS, RAPUNZEL, Ecological, 85% Cocoa Chocolate; Sadly, Did Not Enthrall My Taste-Buds. It Was VERY Bitter.
You Know How, When You're a Kid, And You Try "Grown-Up" Chocolate, And It Tastes All Bitter And Foul?
Yeah, That's What This Was. To a Tee.

My Final Thoughts On The Product:
I'll Be Reserving This For Baking, Not Raw Consumption. I Hope It'll Turn Out Better For Me Then.

Company: Rapunzel
Product: 85% Cocoa Chocolate Bar


Friday, 25 December 2015


I've Never Been Much Of A Fan Of Deodorants; Why?
Well, Because It's Often Sticky and Itchy If You Get Sweaty, So, Yeah, Not So Pleasant.
Also; Not All Deodorants Keep Their Promise Of Keeping You Fresh and Odor-Free, Whilst Others Are So Heavily Perfumed, It's Just, Unpleasant To Constantly Breathe That In, Having It On.
Even Those Who Claim To Be Fragrance-Free, Have Often Had Unpleasant Plastic-y Smells.

Imagine My Surprise When I Tried This;
Not Only Did It Not Smell Of Anything,
It Kept My Pits As Fresh As When They Came Out The Shower!
I'm Amazed!
I Let It Dry Before I Put On A Shirt, And After That; No Sticky-ness, And No Itching! :D
I Would Definitely Recommend This! A+!^^

I Was Also Tempted Into Purchasing an URTEKRAM Rose-Scented Hand Soap
While I Was At It.
It's Not A Bad Soap, But It's Waay To Heavily Scented For Me; It's Got a Very Strong Smell.
And Although Not A Bad Smell, It Can Be a Bit Too Much Of It.
Next Time, I'll Opt For Trying Another Smell Of Theirs, Or Their No-Scent Ones.

Company: Urtekram

Chips Galore!

So, Recently, I Went To A Local Store To Explore Their Specialty Items Section.
In A HUGE Storage-Facility Sized Mega-Chain-Store, Only One Shelf-System (ca. 1 Meter In Width and 3 Meters In Height To The Ceiling) and a Tiny Space In The Frozen Section, Was Dedicated To "Specialty Items"
aka. Foods For People Who Are Vegan or Have Gluten-Allergies Etc. And Hardly Any Of It Was Vegan o.O
So, That Was... a Bit Disappointing...

But, Let's Not Focus On That!^^
I Got Some Chips To Try, Two Packages Of Semper Chips.
The Creamy Dill and Chili & Lemon.

Today, I Let My Taste-buds Go To Town On Them!^^

The Chili & Lemon: Was NOT To My Liking, As It Tasted Exactly Like Tame, Unflavoured, Fitness/Dieting-Cereal o.O
BUT, The Creamy Dill However; Was Very Tasty!^^
It Tasted Exactly Like Regular Chips, Super-Flavoursome, and Really Yummy!^^
And, Contrary To It's "Regular" Counterpart; It Didn't Leave a Bad Aftertaste In My Mouth Afterwards! UberDuperBONUS!
Leaving Me Very Impressed With It, And I Would Definitely Recommend It As Prime Movie-Theatre Snacks!^^

Company: Semper


Saturday, 19 December 2015

Vegan Toothpaste Is AWESOME! :D

I've Been Using The URTEKRAM Vegan Toothpastes
TEA TREE and EUCALYPTUS For Some Time Now;
And I Can Say, They Are Doing The Trick!^^
I've Had Some Problems With Sensitive Teeth Before, But After I Started Using These, I Haven't Had Any Unpleasant Sensory Tooth-Mishaps! :D

So I Would STRONGLY Recommend Them!^^
ESPECIALLY For Those Of Us With Sensitive Teeth!
I Find I Prefer The EUCALYPTUS Flavour;
It's Kinda' Minty-Ish In Taste, Very Nice. :)

The TEA TREE Doesn't Do Much To Improve On The Smell Of Ones Breath, So It Isn't Optimal If One Is Looking For a Quick Breath-Fix.
The EUCALYPTUS Works Nice Though, as I Said, Minty-Ish. :)

But I'm Still Scouting For New Toothpaste-Flavoures,
Hoping To Find Even Better Flavours!^^

Company: Urtekram


Buckwheat Noodle Disaster

Yesterday, My First Shipment Of Vegan-Food That I Discovered Online, Arrived! :D

So, Starting My Taste bun-Enterprise Into Vegandom; I Made Myself Some Miso-Soup With Buckwheat-Noodles.

Long Story Short;

The Soup Itself Wasn't Terrible, Although It Did Not Smell Appetizing To Me At All
(Too Much Lime/Ginger-root-y For Me)
But It Tasted Okay.

But The Noodles... o.O

The Noodles Were SO BAD I Have No Words.
They Literally Tasted Like, Poison o.O
To Be More Specific, It Was An Instant Reminder,
Of That Time, I As A Kid, Ate Dandelion, Cause Some Adult Said They Weren't Poisonous o.O 
Bad Sensation Then; Bad Sensation Now o.O

I Think I'll Give The Soup a Second Chance, Not That I'm Hopeful Of That Turning Out Great For Me, Because, As I Said; Not a Big Lime/Ginger-root Flavour-Fan o.O

Company: Lima
Instant Miso Soup & Soba Buckwheat Noodles