Friday, 25 December 2015

Chips Galore!

So, Recently, I Went To A Local Store To Explore Their Specialty Items Section.
In A HUGE Storage-Facility Sized Mega-Chain-Store, Only One Shelf-System (ca. 1 Meter In Width and 3 Meters In Height To The Ceiling) and a Tiny Space In The Frozen Section, Was Dedicated To "Specialty Items"
aka. Foods For People Who Are Vegan or Have Gluten-Allergies Etc. And Hardly Any Of It Was Vegan o.O
So, That Was... a Bit Disappointing...

But, Let's Not Focus On That!^^
I Got Some Chips To Try, Two Packages Of Semper Chips.
The Creamy Dill and Chili & Lemon.

Today, I Let My Taste-buds Go To Town On Them!^^

The Chili & Lemon: Was NOT To My Liking, As It Tasted Exactly Like Tame, Unflavoured, Fitness/Dieting-Cereal o.O
BUT, The Creamy Dill However; Was Very Tasty!^^
It Tasted Exactly Like Regular Chips, Super-Flavoursome, and Really Yummy!^^
And, Contrary To It's "Regular" Counterpart; It Didn't Leave a Bad Aftertaste In My Mouth Afterwards! UberDuperBONUS!
Leaving Me Very Impressed With It, And I Would Definitely Recommend It As Prime Movie-Theatre Snacks!^^

Company: Semper


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