Saturday, 26 December 2015

Rapunzel, Rapunzel; Let Down Thy Chocolate Hair!

My Favourite Chocolate In The World, Is One That Contains 70% Cocoa, I LOVE Dark Chocolate.
But Not If It's Bitter; A Lot Of Dark Chocolates Fail To Balance Out Their Dark, Bitter Undertones, With Sweet, Sugary Flavours.
I Am NOT a Fan.

THIS, RAPUNZEL, Ecological, 85% Cocoa Chocolate; Sadly, Did Not Enthrall My Taste-Buds. It Was VERY Bitter.
You Know How, When You're a Kid, And You Try "Grown-Up" Chocolate, And It Tastes All Bitter And Foul?
Yeah, That's What This Was. To a Tee.

My Final Thoughts On The Product:
I'll Be Reserving This For Baking, Not Raw Consumption. I Hope It'll Turn Out Better For Me Then.

Company: Rapunzel
Product: 85% Cocoa Chocolate Bar


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