Saturday, 19 December 2015

Vegan Toothpaste Is AWESOME! :D

I've Been Using The URTEKRAM Vegan Toothpastes
TEA TREE and EUCALYPTUS For Some Time Now;
And I Can Say, They Are Doing The Trick!^^
I've Had Some Problems With Sensitive Teeth Before, But After I Started Using These, I Haven't Had Any Unpleasant Sensory Tooth-Mishaps! :D

So I Would STRONGLY Recommend Them!^^
ESPECIALLY For Those Of Us With Sensitive Teeth!
I Find I Prefer The EUCALYPTUS Flavour;
It's Kinda' Minty-Ish In Taste, Very Nice. :)

The TEA TREE Doesn't Do Much To Improve On The Smell Of Ones Breath, So It Isn't Optimal If One Is Looking For a Quick Breath-Fix.
The EUCALYPTUS Works Nice Though, as I Said, Minty-Ish. :)

But I'm Still Scouting For New Toothpaste-Flavoures,
Hoping To Find Even Better Flavours!^^

Company: Urtekram


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