Thursday, 28 January 2016

Soy Milk Vanilla Yummy!

This Soy "Milk" Is A Definite Must In The Kitchen!^^

It's So Yummy And Understated, It's Devine.
I Was So Anxious About Trying Soy-"Milk". Any Milk Replacements At All Actually.
I'm Always a Little Bit Fearful That Vegan-Foods Are Going To Taste Or Smell Horrible.
(Due To Unpleasant Encounters In The Past)
On It's Own, It Actually Tastes Like Faint, Sweet Vanilla!^^
I've Used It In Several Baking-Recipes, And It's Been Keeping Up It's End Of The Deal Every Time!^^
No Weird, Sudden, Strange, Out Of Place Tastes, Like You Sometimes Get With Non-Conventional (Allergy-Friendly/Vegan) Foods. It Just Blends In And Adds Yummy Goodness To All Things!^^

Company: Alpro Product: SOYA Original


Saturday, 23 January 2016

Jungle Cakes!

This Pancake-Mix Was EPIC Yummy! :D
I Mixed With Soy-"Milk" And Filled With Frozen Raspberries And Dark Chocolate.
It Was SO GOOD! ^^
It Got Even Better; I Had Put It In The Freezer And I Ate It Frozen The Day After, SUPERB!^^
Restaurant-Quality Dessert!^^


Company: Mogli Product: Pancake Mix

Friday, 22 January 2016

Raw-Food Cracker-oo

I Tried These Crackers Yesterday. I Was Hungry And Looking For Something To Nibble On, And Thought That This Might Hit The Spot.
Long Story Short: No; Really Didn't Like It. Especially Not The Aftertaste.

I Did Not Like The Flavours; I Thought I'd Like The Tomato-Paprika Combination, Thinking It Would Be Sausage-Seasoning-Ish In Flavour; But It Tasted Like Pumpkin-Seeds, And Of That I Am Not a Fan.
I'll Be Giving This To Someone Else, Whom I Know Is Probably Going To Enjoy This, When I Didn't. In That Way, It's Good That Everyone Don't Have The Same Tastes. ^^

Company: Renée Voltaire Product: Rawfood Crackers - Tomato & Paprika Flavoured


Sunday, 17 January 2016

Protein-Powder Poison

I Just Recently Tried This Protein Boost Powder, Made Up Of Gojiberries, Hemp and Spirulina.
It Tasted Horrible, And I Had To Dramatically, Pull Myself Together;To Not Throw It Back Up.
It's Very Grainy And When I Swallowed It(Mixed With Liquid), The Grains Remained In My Mouth And Throat, Further Aggravating My Gag-Reflex With It's Unpleasant Taste.
Needless To Say, This Was NOT The Protein Powder For Me. Obviously. o.O
I Think For Anyone Who Does Not Like The Hemp-Taste/Smell; Stay FAR AWAY From This Product. If You Adore The Taste/Smell However, This Is Probably Going To Be a Favourite With You.

Company: Renée Voltaire Product: Hemo&Goji Boost SuperFoodMix


Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Choco-Nougat Time!

This Chocolate-Paste Is Delish!
The Texture Is Silky And Smooth.
It Tasted Just Like Regular Nougat-Paste.
Very Sultry, Round Taste; Very Yummy!
The Taste Reminds Me Of The Kind of Nougat You'd Find Inside Confectionery-Chocolates.
Definitely a Great Bread-Add-On Option!
For Vegans and Non-Vegans Alike! ^^

Company: Xucker  
Product: Nanux Nougat-Creme

This Did Not Taste Like Chocolate.
This Paste Tasted Very Foul.
That Is My Personal Opinion.
It Was Porous In Texture, And When I Tasted It, I Had a Knee-Jerk Reaction To Spit It Out Immediately. It Tastes Like Soap, Or Hand-Lotion. A Rancid One,
Safe To Say; This Was Not To My Liking.

Company: Govinda  
Product: Chufella Choco-Creme


Friday, 8 January 2016

Look After Your Skin And Bones! ;)

Recently I Tried a Brand Called Lavera.
I Got Both a Sensitive Hand-Creme And a Sensitive Tooth-Paste.

The Hand-Creme, Is Very Good; It Makes The Skin Soft and Hydrated. And It Doesn't Take Long To Become One With The Skin; aka. Not Sticky. So You Can Easily Take a Sec To Apply, Let Your Hands Soak In The Lotion, And Go Back To What You Were Doing.
The Only Hick-Up For Me, Personally; Is The Scent; It's Not That It's a Bad One; It's Just Very Potent and a Lot Of It.
Which I Am Not a Fan Of Really.
So I've Been Researching The Brand, And I've Decided To Try Their Unscented One Next Time.

The Tooth-Paste Was VERY Strong, And I Found That The Flavour Alone Was Not Desirable To Me; As It Was Like Many Other Regular Tooth-Pastes; Giving Me a Burning/Stinging Sensation In My Gums,
It Was So Strong. And It Left An After-Taste In My Mouth That I Did Not Care For.
But I Think That's Just Due To My Personal Taste In Tooth-Paste Flavours.
On The Other Hand, Upon Experimenting;
I Have Discovered Something Quite Extraordinary!
When I Mixed The Lavera Basis Sensitive Tooth-Paste and the Urtekram Tea-Tree, It Was Very Nice! Together They Made a Liquorice-like Taste! :D And They Were Not Too Strong At All!^^ Which Solved Two Problems In One Go; I Didn't Care For Either Of The Two Tooth-Paste Flavours By Themselves; But Together; They NAILED IT!^^
I Figured, Since Both Lavera Products Said Sensitive, They Would Be Less Fragrant, And Especially The Tooth-Paste; Maybe Less Strong/Stingy Flavourwise. But No.
I Hope They Have Less Fragrant Products For Me To Try; As They Seem To Be a Very Good Brand.


Wednesday, 6 January 2016

VeganCuts | BEAUTY Box | December 2015

This VeganCuts Beauty Subscription Box December 2015 Edition
Contained 6 Products.

Cinnamon Lip-Balm
Is All I Can Say About That.
Cinnamon Bun Is NOT The Lip-Balm For Me!
It Didn't Really Remind Me Of Cinnamon Buns, But Rather A Very Strong Peppery Cinnamon Scent.
It Was As If I'd Stuck My Nose Into a Pot Of Cinnamon, And Took a Whiff. Not Pleasant.
Also; The Taste.
SO Strong.
And I Did Not Like It. 
I Immediately Did My Darnedest To Get It Off My Mouth.
Frantically So.

Company: Crazy Rumors  Product: Cinnamon Bun Lip-Balm
Sweet Sixteen Blush

This Blush Is SuperDuper!^^
It Went Great With My Skin. Didn't Itch.
Didn't Feel Unpleasant Or Powdery To Have On.
It Definitely a Keeper!^^
I Tried It In a Video I Filmed Recently
Dildos on a Plane???

Product: Pressed Cheek Colours(Sweet Sixteen)

 Smokey Eye
This Eye-shadow Is Amazing!^^
It Stays On Perfectly. It Hardly Sheds Crumbs While Applying.
And Goes On The Skin Just Where I Wanted It Without Having To Re-Apply Over And Over Again.
I Just LOVE This Product!^^
I Tried It For a Video I Filmed Recently
Didlos On a Plane???
I Smokey-Eyed It With The Smut and a Black Eye-Shadow That I've Got. I Really Love The Result!^^ 

Product: Eye-Shadow (SMUT)

Minty Teeth
This Tasted a Bit Funny To Me.
It Was Green/Grey In Texture. And Was More Rancid Herb-Like Than Fresh Mint-Like In Flavour.
I Will Be Taking It As My Travel Companion Though. Cause It's Tiny, Handy And Adorable.^^

Company: Auromere
Product: Tooth Paste Mini-Sampler (Fresh Mint)


This Facial Mask Smells Heavily Of HEMP.
It's Supposed To Stay On For 10-15 Minutes, But I Just Couldn't Stomach It.
Although My Skin Felt Cleansed And Smoother After I Rinsed It Off (After About 2-3 Minutes)
The Smell Just; Yeah, Made My Gag-Reflexes Going.

When I Had It On, It Also Itched a Bit.
I Think I Would Have Had A Very Different Outlook On This Mask; If It Weren't For The Smell; It's Just Not a Smell I Find Pleasant.

Also: Not So Fun; My Skin Totally Dried Out After.

Company: ACURE
Product: Cell Stimulating Facial Mask

Make-Up Remover/Cleanser
I Was Initially a Bit Hesitant Due To The Strong Odor; Fearing This Product Would Be Equally Too Strong For My Skin As It's Scent To My Nose.
But, I Found It Very Gentle And The Odor Did Not Bother Me In The Slightest When Applied To a Cotton-Swab.
It Removed Make-Up Efficiently, Leaving My Skin With No Irritations From The Product Of Any Kind.
I'd Heartily Recommend This Product.
It Was Very Soothing To The Skin.
And Very Relaxing To My Bodily State Of Mind.

Company: DEMES
Product: Cleansing Oil & Make-Up Remover

VeganCuts | SNACK Box | December 2015

This VeganCuts Snacks Subscription Box December 2015 Edition
Contained 8 Items

Perky Fruit Bodies
I Am Not a Fan Of The Taste Of Coconut, But I Am A Huge Fan Of Banana And Chocolate Together, So I Thought, This Might Be Yummy.... My Taste-Buds Disagreed :( Not For Me.
Company: Perky Fruit Bodies Product: Cocoa-Banana-Coconut Mini-Taster

So, Unknown Fact About Me; I Despise Peanuts; The Smell Literally Gets My Gag-Reflexes Going.
But I Was Really Excited About Finally Finding Out What All The Fuzz About American PB&J Sandwiches Was About, And Now I Know...:(
So, Since I Don't Like Peanuts; This Was Pretty Much a Bust From The Beginning; It Just Wasn't Going To Be For Me. I Was Just Hoping The J Would Change The Flavour... I Was Wrong.

Company: Betty Lou's Product: PB&J Bar

Seasonal Chocolate
This Chocolate Was Surprisingly Good.
I've Been Struggling To Find a Decent Vegan Chocolate, And This Was Really Delish Chocolate!
However: The Cranberries and Orange and Cinnamon Was a Bit Overpowering For Me; But I'd Definitely Look Into Getting Some Plain Chocolate From This Brand!^^

Company: Endangered Species Chocolate
Product: Dark Chocolate(60%) w/Cranberries, Orange & Cinnamon

Vintage Pasta Chips

The Seasoning On This Chip I Like, It's Very Italian, Very Pesto/Garlic-y, Very Yum.^^
The Chip Itself Was a Bit Bland Though, And Once I Chewed It; It Had A Very Dough-y Taste.
So, I Think This Is an Okay Chip. Not The Best I've Ever Tried. But Not The Worst Either.
Company: Pasta Chips Product: Vintage Italia w/Garlic Olive Oil Seasoning


First Off; DON'T Cook This Using Sunflower-Oil. Just Don't.
Besides That (Besides Me Probably Botching It xD)
It Tasted Okay I Guess.
I'm Going To See How It Tastes With Ketchup.
By Itself, It Was a Bit Bland.
Also; Didn't Remind Me Much Of Egg (Besides The Look)

Company: Follow Your Heart Product: VeganEgg

JackFruit BBQ

The BBQ-sauce Tastes Like a Spicy Ketchup Seasoning.
It Comes All Ready To Be Heated, Liquid-y with Jack-Fruit Bits In It, In a Plastic Pouch.
The Jack-Fruit Itself Goes Perfectly With The Seasoning, And Does Not Taste Out Of Place.
(Which A Lot Of Vegan Faux-Products Tend To Do)
It Feels Very Fresh.

I Am Definitely Going To Order More Of This Brand!^^

 Company: Upton's Naturals Product: BAR-B-QUE JackFruit

Dairy-FREE Creamer

I Used This In a Sauce-Mix Recently, And It Did The Trick. ^^
I Did Taste It On It's Own, And It Was Waay To Coco-Nutty For Me.
But In The Sauce, I Couldn't Even Taste The Coco-Nut. It Just Felt Like a Regular Sauce, As It Would With a Regular Creamer.
I Would Definitely Recommend This As a Creamer/Milk Replacement In Food-Prep. ^^

Company: NutPods Product: Dairy-Free Creamer(Original)

This Is An Okay Mix.
I Tried It With Soy-Milk, Olive Oil and Cocoa-Powder.On Top I Had Melting Cocoa-Butter, Topped With Chocolate-Nougat Paste.
It Was Okay. Tasted Like A Regular Muffin.

Company: EatPastry Product: Muffin Mix


 This Theo Peanut Butter Cups Chocolates Were Not Included In My Box :(Yeah, It's Peanut And I'm Not Much Of A Fan, But I Was Looking Forward To Tasting Them. :(
It Was Probably Just a Human Error. It Happens. I Don't Begrudge Them Or Anything, But It's a Bummer, For Sure. :(
But I Hope They Remember To Put Everything Into My Box Next Time! ^^
Company: Theo Chocolate Product: Peanut Butter Cups

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Love More Cookies ^^

 In My Vegan-Adventure, I Ended Up Exploring A Different Grocery-Store For Vegan Foods.
And Boy, Did I Hit The Jack-Pot!
This Store, Much Smaller Than The Other One, Has a HUGE Variety Of Vegan-Friendly Foods,
Baking-Mixes, Soy-"Milk", Wheat-"Milk", and Loads Of Ready to Eat Stuff That Looked Pretty Tempting! :D
So Of Course, I Went On a Vegan-Shopping Spree In There; It Just Had To Be Done.^^

Among The Things I Got, Were These Cookies: Lovemore O'Choco; 
Which Promises a Gluten-Free, Milk-Free and Wheat-Free Eating-Experience.

And They Taste Exactly Like It's Not-Vegan-Friendly Counterparts! :D
Such As Oreos, Dots etc.
Very Cool!^^
And Although I'm Not Much Of a Pastry-Lover Myself, I'd Bet, For Cookie Aficionados; 
This Would Do Just The Trick. ;) 

Company: Love More
Product: O'Choco Cookies