Friday, 8 January 2016

Look After Your Skin And Bones! ;)

Recently I Tried a Brand Called Lavera.
I Got Both a Sensitive Hand-Creme And a Sensitive Tooth-Paste.

The Hand-Creme, Is Very Good; It Makes The Skin Soft and Hydrated. And It Doesn't Take Long To Become One With The Skin; aka. Not Sticky. So You Can Easily Take a Sec To Apply, Let Your Hands Soak In The Lotion, And Go Back To What You Were Doing.
The Only Hick-Up For Me, Personally; Is The Scent; It's Not That It's a Bad One; It's Just Very Potent and a Lot Of It.
Which I Am Not a Fan Of Really.
So I've Been Researching The Brand, And I've Decided To Try Their Unscented One Next Time.

The Tooth-Paste Was VERY Strong, And I Found That The Flavour Alone Was Not Desirable To Me; As It Was Like Many Other Regular Tooth-Pastes; Giving Me a Burning/Stinging Sensation In My Gums,
It Was So Strong. And It Left An After-Taste In My Mouth That I Did Not Care For.
But I Think That's Just Due To My Personal Taste In Tooth-Paste Flavours.
On The Other Hand, Upon Experimenting;
I Have Discovered Something Quite Extraordinary!
When I Mixed The Lavera Basis Sensitive Tooth-Paste and the Urtekram Tea-Tree, It Was Very Nice! Together They Made a Liquorice-like Taste! :D And They Were Not Too Strong At All!^^ Which Solved Two Problems In One Go; I Didn't Care For Either Of The Two Tooth-Paste Flavours By Themselves; But Together; They NAILED IT!^^
I Figured, Since Both Lavera Products Said Sensitive, They Would Be Less Fragrant, And Especially The Tooth-Paste; Maybe Less Strong/Stingy Flavourwise. But No.
I Hope They Have Less Fragrant Products For Me To Try; As They Seem To Be a Very Good Brand.


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