Saturday, 2 January 2016

Love More Cookies ^^

 In My Vegan-Adventure, I Ended Up Exploring A Different Grocery-Store For Vegan Foods.
And Boy, Did I Hit The Jack-Pot!
This Store, Much Smaller Than The Other One, Has a HUGE Variety Of Vegan-Friendly Foods,
Baking-Mixes, Soy-"Milk", Wheat-"Milk", and Loads Of Ready to Eat Stuff That Looked Pretty Tempting! :D
So Of Course, I Went On a Vegan-Shopping Spree In There; It Just Had To Be Done.^^

Among The Things I Got, Were These Cookies: Lovemore O'Choco; 
Which Promises a Gluten-Free, Milk-Free and Wheat-Free Eating-Experience.

And They Taste Exactly Like It's Not-Vegan-Friendly Counterparts! :D
Such As Oreos, Dots etc.
Very Cool!^^
And Although I'm Not Much Of a Pastry-Lover Myself, I'd Bet, For Cookie Aficionados; 
This Would Do Just The Trick. ;) 

Company: Love More
Product: O'Choco Cookies


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