Sunday, 17 January 2016

Protein-Powder Poison

I Just Recently Tried This Protein Boost Powder, Made Up Of Gojiberries, Hemp and Spirulina.
It Tasted Horrible, And I Had To Dramatically, Pull Myself Together;To Not Throw It Back Up.
It's Very Grainy And When I Swallowed It(Mixed With Liquid), The Grains Remained In My Mouth And Throat, Further Aggravating My Gag-Reflex With It's Unpleasant Taste.
Needless To Say, This Was NOT The Protein Powder For Me. Obviously. o.O
I Think For Anyone Who Does Not Like The Hemp-Taste/Smell; Stay FAR AWAY From This Product. If You Adore The Taste/Smell However, This Is Probably Going To Be a Favourite With You.

Company: Renée Voltaire Product: Hemo&Goji Boost SuperFoodMix


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