Friday, 22 January 2016

Raw-Food Cracker-oo

I Tried These Crackers Yesterday. I Was Hungry And Looking For Something To Nibble On, And Thought That This Might Hit The Spot.
Long Story Short: No; Really Didn't Like It. Especially Not The Aftertaste.

I Did Not Like The Flavours; I Thought I'd Like The Tomato-Paprika Combination, Thinking It Would Be Sausage-Seasoning-Ish In Flavour; But It Tasted Like Pumpkin-Seeds, And Of That I Am Not a Fan.
I'll Be Giving This To Someone Else, Whom I Know Is Probably Going To Enjoy This, When I Didn't. In That Way, It's Good That Everyone Don't Have The Same Tastes. ^^

Company: Renée Voltaire Product: Rawfood Crackers - Tomato & Paprika Flavoured


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