Wednesday, 6 January 2016

VeganCuts | BEAUTY Box | December 2015

This VeganCuts Beauty Subscription Box December 2015 Edition
Contained 6 Products.

Cinnamon Lip-Balm
Is All I Can Say About That.
Cinnamon Bun Is NOT The Lip-Balm For Me!
It Didn't Really Remind Me Of Cinnamon Buns, But Rather A Very Strong Peppery Cinnamon Scent.
It Was As If I'd Stuck My Nose Into a Pot Of Cinnamon, And Took a Whiff. Not Pleasant.
Also; The Taste.
SO Strong.
And I Did Not Like It. 
I Immediately Did My Darnedest To Get It Off My Mouth.
Frantically So.

Company: Crazy Rumors  Product: Cinnamon Bun Lip-Balm
Sweet Sixteen Blush

This Blush Is SuperDuper!^^
It Went Great With My Skin. Didn't Itch.
Didn't Feel Unpleasant Or Powdery To Have On.
It Definitely a Keeper!^^
I Tried It In a Video I Filmed Recently
Dildos on a Plane???

Product: Pressed Cheek Colours(Sweet Sixteen)

 Smokey Eye
This Eye-shadow Is Amazing!^^
It Stays On Perfectly. It Hardly Sheds Crumbs While Applying.
And Goes On The Skin Just Where I Wanted It Without Having To Re-Apply Over And Over Again.
I Just LOVE This Product!^^
I Tried It For a Video I Filmed Recently
Didlos On a Plane???
I Smokey-Eyed It With The Smut and a Black Eye-Shadow That I've Got. I Really Love The Result!^^ 

Product: Eye-Shadow (SMUT)

Minty Teeth
This Tasted a Bit Funny To Me.
It Was Green/Grey In Texture. And Was More Rancid Herb-Like Than Fresh Mint-Like In Flavour.
I Will Be Taking It As My Travel Companion Though. Cause It's Tiny, Handy And Adorable.^^

Company: Auromere
Product: Tooth Paste Mini-Sampler (Fresh Mint)


This Facial Mask Smells Heavily Of HEMP.
It's Supposed To Stay On For 10-15 Minutes, But I Just Couldn't Stomach It.
Although My Skin Felt Cleansed And Smoother After I Rinsed It Off (After About 2-3 Minutes)
The Smell Just; Yeah, Made My Gag-Reflexes Going.

When I Had It On, It Also Itched a Bit.
I Think I Would Have Had A Very Different Outlook On This Mask; If It Weren't For The Smell; It's Just Not a Smell I Find Pleasant.

Also: Not So Fun; My Skin Totally Dried Out After.

Company: ACURE
Product: Cell Stimulating Facial Mask

Make-Up Remover/Cleanser
I Was Initially a Bit Hesitant Due To The Strong Odor; Fearing This Product Would Be Equally Too Strong For My Skin As It's Scent To My Nose.
But, I Found It Very Gentle And The Odor Did Not Bother Me In The Slightest When Applied To a Cotton-Swab.
It Removed Make-Up Efficiently, Leaving My Skin With No Irritations From The Product Of Any Kind.
I'd Heartily Recommend This Product.
It Was Very Soothing To The Skin.
And Very Relaxing To My Bodily State Of Mind.

Company: DEMES
Product: Cleansing Oil & Make-Up Remover

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