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VeganCuts | SNACK Box | December 2015

This VeganCuts Snacks Subscription Box December 2015 Edition
Contained 8 Items

Perky Fruit Bodies
I Am Not a Fan Of The Taste Of Coconut, But I Am A Huge Fan Of Banana And Chocolate Together, So I Thought, This Might Be Yummy.... My Taste-Buds Disagreed :( Not For Me.
Company: Perky Fruit Bodies Product: Cocoa-Banana-Coconut Mini-Taster

So, Unknown Fact About Me; I Despise Peanuts; The Smell Literally Gets My Gag-Reflexes Going.
But I Was Really Excited About Finally Finding Out What All The Fuzz About American PB&J Sandwiches Was About, And Now I Know...:(
So, Since I Don't Like Peanuts; This Was Pretty Much a Bust From The Beginning; It Just Wasn't Going To Be For Me. I Was Just Hoping The J Would Change The Flavour... I Was Wrong.

Company: Betty Lou's Product: PB&J Bar

Seasonal Chocolate
This Chocolate Was Surprisingly Good.
I've Been Struggling To Find a Decent Vegan Chocolate, And This Was Really Delish Chocolate!
However: The Cranberries and Orange and Cinnamon Was a Bit Overpowering For Me; But I'd Definitely Look Into Getting Some Plain Chocolate From This Brand!^^

Company: Endangered Species Chocolate
Product: Dark Chocolate(60%) w/Cranberries, Orange & Cinnamon

Vintage Pasta Chips

The Seasoning On This Chip I Like, It's Very Italian, Very Pesto/Garlic-y, Very Yum.^^
The Chip Itself Was a Bit Bland Though, And Once I Chewed It; It Had A Very Dough-y Taste.
So, I Think This Is an Okay Chip. Not The Best I've Ever Tried. But Not The Worst Either.
Company: Pasta Chips Product: Vintage Italia w/Garlic Olive Oil Seasoning


First Off; DON'T Cook This Using Sunflower-Oil. Just Don't.
Besides That (Besides Me Probably Botching It xD)
It Tasted Okay I Guess.
I'm Going To See How It Tastes With Ketchup.
By Itself, It Was a Bit Bland.
Also; Didn't Remind Me Much Of Egg (Besides The Look)

Company: Follow Your Heart Product: VeganEgg

JackFruit BBQ

The BBQ-sauce Tastes Like a Spicy Ketchup Seasoning.
It Comes All Ready To Be Heated, Liquid-y with Jack-Fruit Bits In It, In a Plastic Pouch.
The Jack-Fruit Itself Goes Perfectly With The Seasoning, And Does Not Taste Out Of Place.
(Which A Lot Of Vegan Faux-Products Tend To Do)
It Feels Very Fresh.

I Am Definitely Going To Order More Of This Brand!^^

 Company: Upton's Naturals Product: BAR-B-QUE JackFruit

Dairy-FREE Creamer

I Used This In a Sauce-Mix Recently, And It Did The Trick. ^^
I Did Taste It On It's Own, And It Was Waay To Coco-Nutty For Me.
But In The Sauce, I Couldn't Even Taste The Coco-Nut. It Just Felt Like a Regular Sauce, As It Would With a Regular Creamer.
I Would Definitely Recommend This As a Creamer/Milk Replacement In Food-Prep. ^^

Company: NutPods Product: Dairy-Free Creamer(Original)

This Is An Okay Mix.
I Tried It With Soy-Milk, Olive Oil and Cocoa-Powder.On Top I Had Melting Cocoa-Butter, Topped With Chocolate-Nougat Paste.
It Was Okay. Tasted Like A Regular Muffin.

Company: EatPastry Product: Muffin Mix


 This Theo Peanut Butter Cups Chocolates Were Not Included In My Box :(Yeah, It's Peanut And I'm Not Much Of A Fan, But I Was Looking Forward To Tasting Them. :(
It Was Probably Just a Human Error. It Happens. I Don't Begrudge Them Or Anything, But It's a Bummer, For Sure. :(
But I Hope They Remember To Put Everything Into My Box Next Time! ^^
Company: Theo Chocolate Product: Peanut Butter Cups

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