Tuesday, 2 February 2016

a Delightful Recipe ^^

Today I Want To Talk About Something Very Yummy .^^ You Ready? ^^

Recently I Discovered (Made Up) a Very Yummy Vegan Food Combo, I Guess You Could Call It a Recipe. :3

I Recently Invested In a New Spice, Heaven On Earth (Himmel auf Erden) by Herbaria.
It Was Listed As A Frying Spice With German Taste-Notes, So I Felt It Was A Pretty Safe Bet That I'd Like It. I Was Right. :D
I Decided To Take Some Left-Over White Rice From The Day Before, And Make Some Fried Rice, Whilst Trying This Spice Out For The First Time.
On It's Own, It Was a Bit Overwhelming, And It Definitely Needed Some Partners In Crime To Make a Good Dish.

So I Paired It Some Delicious Potato Noisettes, Some Cucumber And Some Arugula Salad.
It Was a Winning Mix!^^

The Rice And Spice:
First, Boil Some White Rice, And Wait Til It's Dry. (Or Take Some Leftover From Another Meal)
Take a Frying Pan, Fill It With Some Sunflower-Oil. Add The Spice-Mix To The Oil And Stir It Together. Then Add The Rice; Shuffle It Around To Cover It All In The Oil/Spice-Concoction; And You're All Set To Heat It Up.
To Get The Rice Nice And Firm, Use High Heat-Levels.
When The Rice Is Looking Yellow/Golden, It's All Done.

The Potatoes:
Bake Some Ready To Heat Noisettes That You Find In The Frozen-Section At The Store; Follow The Instructions Of The Bag They Came In: Until They're Nice And Golden (Lookin' Crispy And Delish^^)

The Salad:
Cut Cucumber Into little Squares/Triangle-Pieces, And Add Some Arugula Salad.

Put It All Together In a Bowl; And You Have Yourself A Yummy Dish, Fit For Any Meal Of The Day!^^

- Arugula-Salad
- Cucumber
- Noisettes
- White Rice
- Heaven On Earth Frying-Spice-Mix, By Herbaria
- Sunflower-Oil


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