Wednesday, 10 February 2016

ROSE Toilettes

I Got These Three, The Shower-Gel, The Shampoo And The Conditioner, Before I Realized That This Smell Was Way To Overwhelming For Me. I Had Gotten The Hand-Soap With The Same Scent, And I Realized a Bit Too Late That This Scent Was Not My Ish. Whatsoever. o.O

But I Recently Ran Out Of Conditioner, And I Thought; Why Not? I'll Give It A Go. It's Not Like They're Going Anywhere.

All Three Have The Distinct Overwhelming Smell, Which Had Me Feeling Dizzy And Nauseous In The Confines Of The Shower. I'd Recommend Having The Shower-Door Slightly Open When Using This. Definitely o.O

The Shampoo Left My Scalp Itchy With a Slight Stingy Feeling. Although I Have Sensitive Skin; It's Been Years Since Any Shampoo Has Had That Effect On My Scalp.
The Same With The Conditioner. Immediately When I Put It on, I Could Feel It's Potent Searing-Sting Effect.
The Shower-Gel Was Okay.

For Anyone With Sensitive Skin, Or Who Don't Like Having Smells That Are So Potent; It's Like Having Perfume Straight-Up Sprayed Into Your Nostrils. DO NOT GO FOR THIS SCENT.

This Brand Is AWESOME. And I Would Go Above And Beyond In My Recommendation Of This Brand, And It's Products; Just Not This Particular Scent.

Company: Urtekram Products: Rose Shampoo, Conditioner And Shower-Gel

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