Saturday, 13 February 2016

VEGAN Cup-Cake Recipe!

Before We Begin; Heat Your Oven To ca. 180 degrees Celsius; Using Fan-Heating. 

The Batter
Start Off Filling All The Dry Ingredients In a Bowl.

- Ca. 2-3dl White Flour
- Ca. 2dl Cocoa-Powder
- Ca. 1 & a Half Tea-Spoon Of Baking-Soda
- Ca. 2dl Sugar

Mix Them Together Until All Lumps Are Stirred Out, And Everything Is Mixed Up.
Then Add The Liquid Ingredient.

I've Chosen To Use Rebel Kitchen's Dairy Free Mylk COFFEE,
As It Really Brought Out The Chocolate-Flavour.
But Anything From Water To Soy-"Milk" Or Other Can Be Applicable.

Add Little By Little Of Liquid, Mix The Batter And See If You Need More.

The Batter Should Be Sticky; Not Completely Runny, Nor Dry.

Get a Sheet Of Baking-Paper, Lay It On The Baking-Tray. (In Case Of Spillage Or Accidents)
Then Place Your Cup-Cake Containers On The Tray, And Fill Then ca. 75% Full Of Batter.

Place In The Oven, And Bake Until They Look Done. Checking Now And Then, Sticking Them With a Tooth-Pick Or Something. To See If They're Well-Done, Is A-OK.^^

When Done; Let Them Rest On The Counter For a While; Until They're Room-Temperature.

The Icing 
Get a Small Bowl; Fill It With
ca. 3 Table-Spoons Of Cocoa-Powder
ca. 3 Table-Spoons Of Sugar
Mix Together; Then Add ca. 2 Table-Spoons Of Cold Water
Mix Together

If It's Very Runny, Just Add More Of The Dry Ingredients; And If It's Too Thick; Just Add More Water.

Glace The Icing On Top Of The Cup-Cakes.

Then Let The Cup-Cakes Rest Until They're Not Warm At All Anymore, Before Placing Them In The Fridge.


What I Used:
Company: Rebel Kitchen Product: Dairy Free Mylk COFFEE

Company: Govinda Product: Ecologic Raw Cocoa-Powder
Company: Renée Voltaire Product: Ecologic Baking-Soda

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