Thursday, 11 February 2016

VeganCuts | SNACK Box | January 2016

This VeganCuts Snacks Subscription Box January 2016 Edition
Contained 11 Items

Rebel Coffee Creamer
I Tried Using This For When I Made Some Cup-Cakes.
I Admit; I Do Not Excel At Making Cup-Cakes.
I Do Not Like Cup-Cakes.
They Were Made For Someone Else. And I Managed To Burn Them.
(The Cup-Cakes That Is xD)

I Can't Even Drink Coca-Cola; Without Ending Up In The Corner, Shaking Like a Deranged Person On Speed.

Needless To Say; I Did Not Like The Flavour. At All... Maybe My Mother Will Like It? Who Knows, She Likes Coffee.... o.O
I'll Leave An Update Of Her Take On It Here.

UPDATE: I Spoke Too Soon, And If It Weren't For My Mouth Already Being Stuffed Full Of The Most Delicious Cup-Cakes EVER, I Would Gladly Eat My Words. xD

I FINALLY Got The Recipe Right, And BOY Was It AWESOME!
This Creamer REALLY Brought Out The Chocolate Flavour In The Richest And Yummiest Ways.
And This Is Coming From Someone Who Detests Coffee, So That's No Small Compliment!^^

Company: Rebel Kitchen Product: Dairy Free Mylk - Coffee

Party-Tizer Time!^^

This Product Is A-OK In My Book; It Tastes Exactly Like Regular Tortilla Chips.
I Was A Bit Skeptical Since It's Kale, Carrot And Spinach Flavoured; But I Honestly Couldn't Even Tell.

Company: Party-Tizers Dippin' Chips Product: Veggie Dippin' Chips; Kale, Carrot & Spinach

First Of All: I Do NOT Like Lime.
This Smelled Like Lime, 
But The Taste Was Less Potent, And Tasted More Like Super-Sugary Artificial Candy.

Company: Beanitos 
Product:  Bean Chip w/Hint Of Lime

Sinful Pop-Corn??

This Pop-Corn Is THA BOMB!^^It Tastes Like Perfectly Buttered,
And Salted Movie-Theatre Pop-Corn!^^


Company: Sinfully Thin Product: Blue Corn Popcorn

Peacefully Fruity

This Was Very Refreshing. Surprisingly Fresh Tasting For Something Dried And Flattened.
I Thought It Tasted Like A Mixture Of Pineapple, Peach and Rasberries.

Company: Peaceful Fruits Product: Wild Acai + Pineapple

Earnest Granola Bar
It Tasted Like Overly Healthy Cereal Smoshed and Stuck Together With Sugarwater.
It Tasted Very Sweet. Too Sweet. Artificially So. This Was Not My Thing.

Company: Earnest Eats Product: Superfood Trail Mix, Chewy Granola Bar

Raw Bar
This Was Way More Potent Than The Other Granola Bar.
It Smelled More, And Tasted More. I Did Not Like The Taste, Nor The Smell Unfortunately.
I Felt It Tasted More Syrup-y And It Was Overridden With All Kinds Of Grains And Seeds And Nuts.
I Really Did Not Like It. It's Just Not My Thing.

Company: LiveSmart Product: Original Fruit & Nut, Granola Bar

SWEET-SWEET Potato Waffles!

 This Product Will Be Reviewed Soon

Company: ZEMAS MadHouse Foods Product: Sweet Potato Waffle + Pancake Mix

Furry Friendly and Sweet ^^
I'm, as Previously Mentioned; Not a Fan of Peanuts, or The Taste Of Coconut.
I Did Hold Out Hope That This Would Be So Overwhelmingly Chocolate, That I Wouldn't Notice; But Alas; No Such Luck.

So I Decided To Out It To Good Use; 
As The Cup-Cake "Frosting", 
Made For a Peanut-Lover; My Mom.

Her Verdict; YUMMY! ^^
The Mixture Of Chocolate, Coconut and Peanut Together, Was Perfect As Frosting On Chocolate Cup-Cakes. Had It Been Plain Peanut-Butter, She Thinks It Wouldn't Have Complimented The Pastry As Well.

Company: Wild Friends  
Product: Chocolate Coconut Peanut Butter

Thai Noodles

Not My Cup Of Tea.
I Tried These In a Dish Or Two, But It Wasn't Really My Thing.
I'm Not All That Into Pasta Either, But I've Always LOVED Asian Noodles, So I Was Surprised At Not Being Too Fond Of This.

It Wasn't Horrible, It Wasn't Great; It Just, Was a Bit Flavourless...
Maybe I Paired It Wrong? Who Knows xD
But It's Not Something I'll Be Dying To Have More Of Any Time Soon.

Company: Explore Asian 
Product: Thai Brown Rice Noodles Pad Thai


I Am Staying Away From Energy Drinks, In General.
But This Tasted Okay. 
It Tasted Like Faint, Watered-Out Rosehip Tea.

Company: Dark Dog Organic Product: Organic Energy Drink

All Un-Reviewed Products Will Be Reviewed Soon^^

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