Saturday, 26 March 2016

The Vegan Kind | LIFESTYLE Box | March 2016

Contained 8 Items
 10p From Each Box Sold This Month, Will Be Donated To

a Non-Profit That Helps Elderly and Special Needs Rabbits, Get The Care They Need,
And Help Them Find Forever Homes. <3


Dry BUT Delish!^^
These Brownie Cookies Were Okay.
I Think I Was Expecting Too Much; The Container Promised Too Much.
Did They Melt In My Mouth as Promised? No.
But Were They Yummy? Perfect Little Snackies? Yes.

Overall I Think They Tasted Good.
Not Better, Nor Worse Any Other Regular, Chocolate, Non-Vegan Cookie I've Tasted.

I Think They Would Prove Amazing Coupled With Hot Chocolate!^^

Product: Cookie Shots; Bite-Size Brownie Biscuits 

The Chocolate Was Not Too Bitter, It Was Sweet. And The Cream Tasted Like Liquefied Sugar.
My Opinion Of This Egg, Is That It Tasted Okay.
It Gave Me a Good Easter-Spirit Though, Having an Easter Egg To Nibble On. ^^

Company: Consider It Chocolate
Product: Cream Egg

 Sweet-Potato Crisps
These Crisps Were Delightful. :)
They Tasted Peppery and Paprika-ish, And Had a Sweet, Tangy Taste To Them Once I Chewed.
I'm Guessing That Last Part, Is Owed to The Fact That They're Made Out Of Sweet-Potatoes. ^^

Some Crisps Aren't Fullfilling On Their Own, And You End Up Just Chain-Eating A Full Bag, Just To Savour Some Flavour.
This Was Definitely Not Like That.
They Were All Excellent Little Taste-Explosions As Soon As I Put Them In My Mouth.

So Even Though It Came In a Small Bag, I Think It Could Last For a Little Longer Than You'd Expect, From a Small Bag Of Chips. :)

Company: Hectares
Sweet Potato Crisps - Red Onion & Black Pepper

Vegan-Sausage Out Of This World
This Was Pretty Yummy; Germany Sure Knows How To Make Sausages; 
VEGAN Ones Too! :D
It Had Those Iconic German Spices,
And Didn't Taste Too Much Like It Was a Replacement Filler. 
Note To Self; Don't Cook It As Long Next Time, I Went a Bit Overboard And It Was Almost Burnt xD

Company: Wheaty
Product: Spacebar - Red Hot Chilli Pepper

Soy-Bean Coffee

I Utilized This In a Cup-Cake Recipe;

The Product Itself Didn't Smell Like Coffee Much,
But It Did Look Like Regular Chilled Coffee.

Company: Soypresso
Product: Soyspresso, Chilled Coffee

VEGAN Inspirational DECOR

These Two Products; Refrigerator Magnet and Sticker, Is Courtesy Of The Subscription Box Company Themselves.

The Magnet Is Big, And Says; 
VEGAN For The Animals.
It's Supercute; I Immediately Placed It On My Fridge ^^
Although It's Thin, It's a Strong, Well-Functioning Magnet. Very Happy About This! SUUUPERCute!^^

The Sticker Says;
Choose Compassion Go Vegan.
It Proved To Be a Strong, Well-Made, Well-Functioning Sticker.
I Gave It An Honourary Placement On My Lap-Top.
Looks GREAT! ^^

These Two Products Will Surely Brighten My Day Every Time I See Them.
And Will Continue Inspire My Choice To Go Vegan. Making It Fun And Sparkly. ^^

Company: The Vegan Kind
VEGAN For The Animals (Refrigerator Magnet)
Choose Compassion Go Vegan (Sticker)

This Month's Recipe
In Each Box, There Is a Recipe Sheet; With Clip-Holes,
So You Can Collect Your Own VEGAN Recipe Book.

This Box Came With This Recipe
The Whole Ingredient's Carrot Cake Macaroons.

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