Saturday, 19 March 2016

VeganCuts | BEAUTY Box | February 2016

This VeganCuts Beauty Subscription Box February 2016 Edition
Contained 4 Items

Regal Perfume

This Perfume Is SO Nifty! :D

The Top Of The Bottle Is a Tiny Roll-On Applicator, Leaving The Task Of Perfuming Up Easy-Breezy! ^^

It Smells Devine; Truly Ageless!
I Think This Perfume Would Suit Any Age-Range! ^^ 

Company: Harvey Prince Organics
Product: Perfume Fragrance: Ageless

Double Fruity Eye-Liner!
I Have Been Wishing For Some 100% Pure Make-Up In My VeganCuts Box For a While Now;
I My Wish Was Finally Granted! :D

This Eye-Liner Is a Double Trouble! :D
It's Got TWO Colours To Choose From; One On Each End Of The Pencil.
And Although They Might Look Like They'd Be Bleak Colours, I Swear; On, They Transform Into Grey And Black!^^

The Stick Itself Is Sturdy, Thick And Reliable.
This Is Obviously a High Quality Product. ^^

It's Creamy Texture Makes It Easy To Apply; NO Scratching Or Stabbing Your Eye Out To Get This Piece Of Fabulous On Your Eyelid!^^
And Despite Of It's Creamy Texture, And Ease To Apply, It Does Not Smear Easily OR Respond Negatively To Sweat/Natural Skin And Eye Moisture!^^

This Is A DEFINITE Favourite With Me And My Make-Up Kit From Now On! YAAY! :D

Company: 100% Pure
Product: Fruit Pigmented Dual-Ended Creamstick; Chocolate/Champagne


This Product Worked Wonders On The Tips Of My Hair; Which Has Been Slightly Worn By Bleaching It.

It Nourished It And Got It Back To Feeling Healthy And Natural Once More.
And The Product Smelled Nice And Relaxing As Well; It Reminded Me Of How Calming Essential Oil-Massage Smells. Very Nice. :)

The Consistency Of The Product Also Reminded me Of Above Mentioned Oils. But It Wasn't Sticky Or Difficult To Rinse Off Of My Hands After Applying, Or Anything.

I Wouldn't Recommend Putting This Onto Hair That Isn't Dry; Cause Then It Just Ends Up Looking Oily. But For Slit-Ends And Dry Hair; This Is a Wonder-Serum!^^

Company: Tara Smith
Product: Base Coat Serum

Wonderful Face Of An English Daisy

I Was Pleasantly Surprised With This Product.
I Was Afraid It Might Be To Heavy On The Hemp-Smell, Which Gives Me a Gag-Reflex.
But It Wasn't. It Smelled Quite Nice Actually.
Just like Wild, Floral, Daisies.
I Was Impressed By That. :)

As To Ability To Moisturize; It Did An Okay Job.
Some Parts Of My Face Was Left a Bit Dry.

This Is Now a Favorite Of Mine; Perfect For My Daily Moisturizer-Make-Up-Routine!^^

Company: The Wonder Seed
Product: Facial Cream - English Daisy

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