Tuesday, 15 March 2016

VeganCuts | BEAUTY Box | January 2016

This VeganCuts Beauty Subscription Box January 2016 Edition
Contained 6 Items

Vegan Lashes!
Although The "Ink" Was Visibly a Deep Black When I Tried It On a Piece Of Paper, I Found It Was a Lengthy Process To Get That Onto My Lashes; For It To Actually Be Noticeable.

They Get an A+
For Their Gentle Feel However:
It Didn't Sting, Or Bother My Eyelid, Nor Cornea At All.
I'll Continue Testing It Out When I Do My Make-Up.

Company: Earth Lab Cosmetics Product: Vegan Lash Mascara 

Face Cleansing Oat Meal?
This Product, Which Comes In Dry, Grain Form, Is To Be Mixed With Water/Liquid by Hand.
I Chose Water.
It Smells Like Oatmeal/Flour, Which Was Very Unoffensive And Calming. It Doesn't Take Long To Prepare It, As All Dry Grain Clumps Are Easy To Mix Out.

I Was Pleasantly Surprised At How Moisturizing/Soft/Creamy The Mixed Substance Became. It Was Easy To Apply; It Didn't Dribble Down My Neck At All, After Being Applied To The Face.
As I Mentioned, The Smell Was Calming And Unoffensive, And The Mixture Didn't Sting Or Irritate My Skin Whatsoever.

This Seems Like a Really Good Alternative To Going Over Your Face With Soap After Having Used Make-Up-Remover, Or To Cleanse Oily Skin; As It Cleansed Away Everything Thoroughly, And Rinsed Off Almost Immediately Afterwards.

I Also Noticed That The Product Encouraged My Skin To Naturally Moisturize Itself Afterwards; Leaving It Soft And Comfortable. Not Dry And Not Oily.

UPDATE: After Some Time After Using This Product; My Skin Had a Slight Freak Out.
It Got Super Uncomfortable; Oily, Breaking Out, Feeling All Oil-Sweatty. It Was Just. NO.

Turns Out, This Product Works WONDERS On Any Non, Face, Skin. Clearing Up Zits And Leaving A Radiant Skin! ^^

Company: Wabi-Sabi Botanicals
Product: SAGGA 'Heavenly Realm' Charcoal + Rose Cleansing Grains

Moisturizer Time!
Î Tried This Moisturizer, And I Gotta' Say; It's WAAY Too Perfumed For Me.
It's Got a Heavy, Very Potent Smell, That Reminds Me Of Synthetic Truck-Stop Candy.
I Am Not a Fan.
But I Gave It a Go Anyways; Which Resulted In an Almost Immediate Need To Remove It From My Skin. I Experienced a Slight Burning/Stinging Sensation In Parts Of My Face.
Which, Was Alarming, So I Took It Off, Just Moments After Applying.

Company: Aubrey Organics  
Product: Revitalizing Therapy Moisturizer w/Rosa Mosqueta Rose Hip Seed Oil

Body-Butter Time!

I REALLY Like The Way This Product Smell1^^
It Smells Like Freshly Squeezed Lemons!^^
(Not Lime, Not a Fan Of Lime o.O)

The Consistency Of The Body-Butter Was Surprisingly Thick; And As I Applied It To My Skin, I Noticed Immediately How Creamy And Sticky It Was; Which Made Me Wonder If It Would Be Difficult To Apply Amply.

It All Worked Out Well However!^^
This Body Butter Is ASTONISHINGLY Great For Skin Moisture! :D
The Winter Has Left My Arms/Hands In Dire Need Of Moisture, And I've Woefully Neglected Consistently Moisturizing Them; Leaving The Skin Dry And Irritated. Having To Apply Moisturizer-Cream 24/7 Drives Me a Little Crazy I'll Admit. o.O

THIS Really Did Wonders For That Situation! :D
The Natural Oils In The Body-Butter Absorbed Into My Skin, And Left It Naturally Moisturized Even When Dry! :D


Company: Lashea Butter Whips Product: Essential Body Scrub

Gentle Cleanse

This Product Has a VERY Potent Smell.
It Was Waay To Overwhelming For My Taste.
It's Not That It Smells Bad, It Smells Like Natural Rose Scented, But It's Just So Heavy.
It did an Okay Job at Cleansing Away Make-Up Residue.

Company: The Jojoba Company Product: Gentle Cleansing Balm

Youth Potion!
This Is Supposed To Be Spritzed On After Using The Above Mentioned Product. However, The Smell Was So Overwhelming. That I Opted Not To.
If I Try It Together Later; I'll Leave an Update.

Company: The Jojoba Company Product: Youth Potion

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