Saturday, 5 March 2016

VeganTuck | CHOCOHOLIC Box | March 2016

This VeganTuck Chocoholic Box
Contained 5 Items
VEGAN Kinder Bueno?

This Chocolate Is SO Yummy!
It Actually Tastes Exactly like Kinder Bueno, But Without The Guilty Conscience Of Knowing Some Poor Animal Was Chained Up And Used And Abused To Make That Chocolate Happen.
I AM SO STOKED To Have Found This! :D

Company: Sarelle
Product: Hazelnut and DarkChocolate Cream Filled Wafer Covered with Dark Chocolate

Caramel Fudge Time!

This Chocolate Would Be Any Caramel
And Fudge Lovers DREAM.

It Was SuperYummy.
I'd Definitely Recommend It To The Caramelteers/Fudgers Out There! ;)

Company: Premium Chocolatiers
Product: No Whey Bar; Caramel&Nougat in a Chocolate Coating

WHITE Chocolate VEGAN Style! :D

Normally, I'm Not Much Fond Of White Chocolate.
The Stingy Dairy Flavour White Chocolate Usually Has, Never Really Left Me a Fan Of It.
So Imagine My Surprise, When I Tried This VEGAN White Chocolate, And My Tastebuds Went; "YES, We Like." :D
My Mother Has Always Been a HUGE Fan Of White Chocolate As a Whole, And She Loved It As Well! ^^

But When You Read How It Was Made,
You'll See Why It's So Delish:

Handmade All The Way Through, Every Step Of The Way!

Company: Solkiki
Product: White Balinese 32% Creamy Smooth, Sweet Vanilla

Pernigotti Since 1860!

High-Class Nougat Confectionery Standard Chocolate!
It Tastes Just Like Really Good Nougat; And It Melts In Your Mouth!
It's Soft in Consistency and Sweet And Easy To Bite Down On.
I Really Enjoyed It ^^

Company: Pernigotti
Product: Gianduia Chocolate

An Alternative To Milky Hearts
These Tasted Very Bitter.
And I'm a Fan Of Dark Chocolate. But The Sour, Bitter Taste Of These, Was Not My Kind Of Snack.

Product: Organic Dairy Free Alternative To Milk Chocolate Hearts

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