Saturday, 23 April 2016

Dessert Hack!

Hot Dog Bun + Nanux Choco-Paste = TRUE LOVE! :D

This Is a Super-Easy, Super-Cheap, SUPER-DELISH Dessert-Hack!

Just Open Up The Bun, Smear Some Choco-Paste In There
(I Find, More Is Merrier :3 x)


Monday, 18 April 2016

Vegan SEX-ED | Episode 1 | VIDEO

Products Used In This Episode:
RFSU Condom 17006

Sunday, 17 April 2016

On Changing Your Lifestyle - a Testimonial Of Sorts

This Post Is Going To Be a Little Bit Different From My Usual Posts.
As I Would Like To Take Some Time To Share Some of My Experiences With Changing Lifestyles.

Giving Up The Way We Eat, Changing It;  Is Just Like a HardCore Coffee-Drinker Giving Up The Juice, And Opting For Tea.
It's REALLY Hard. At Least, I Found It To Be. I Suspect I'm Not The Only One.
It Was Really Hard Going From Flexitarian to Vegetarian, and It Was Equally Hard To Cut Out Dairy.

Just Like Someone Going Through Coffee-Withdrawal, Craving the Coveted Caffeine Above All Things, So Did I, Crave My Usual Food-Choices.
It's Not That I Wanted The Taste, Or Was Obsessed With Wanting To Eat Cheese or Meat,
My Body Did...
Because When You Suddenly Stop Eating Something, That Your Body Has Gotten Used To Deriving Nutrition From; It Can Go Into Kind Of a Shock.
Your Body Is Telling You; You've Stopped Eating What We're Used To Getting Our Nutrition From; ALARM, ALARM!
When In Reality You're Teaching Your Body That Now, We Derive Nutrition (Equally Nutritious) From Other Things; Your Body Is Mistaking This As Not Getting The Nutrition It Needs.
You're Basically Telling It To Adapt Into Deriving Nutrition From New Things. You're Teaching It Something New, a New Way Of Doing Things.
And Like a Mean, Old, Frump, Set In Their Ways, It's NOT Taking It Well at First.

I Would Also Like To Note That; Eating Meat... Is An Addiction.
Just As Pervasive as ANY OTHER ADDICTION.

In My Experience With Kicking Something, I'd Never Imagined I Was Actually Addicted To; Because Mainstream Culture Views It As a Part Of Daily Life; TRUST ME,

I Remember When I Did Use To Eat Meat, Back In The Day. I Would CRAVE IT.
Yes, I Would Feel Full After a Meal, But Not Like I Feel It Now.
Looking Back, It's Bizarre. Now When I'm Full, I Feel Content, Satisfied.
Back Then, No Matter How Full; The Thought Of Meat Would Still Make Me Want To Devour More. And That's How I Know I Was Addicted To It.

Great Poets and Observers Of Life Have Often Spoken Of How Eating Meat From Other Species, Makes You More Likely To Be Violent and Barbaric Towards Your Fellow Man.
I Must Say, I Believe That. 100%

The Eating Of Dead Flesh Is Such a Gory and Barbaric and Unintelligent Thing To Be Doing, That Your Mind Switches Off The Cruelty Of It. Tunes That Part Out, So You Won't Have a Break-Down Over Getting a Watery Mouth at The Thought Of Dead, Severed, Bloody Body-Parts, And How You'd Enjoy EATING It.

Making Killing Something, And Savouring It's Decaying Flesh NORMAL.
REALLY Does a Number On Your Mind. o.O How Could It Not??
If You Spend Every Day Knee-High In The Dead Flesh Of Other Species;
How Could You NOT Be Desensitized To The Notion Of Harming/Killing Your Fellow Man, With All The Bloodshed and Dead Flesh That Would Involve?
And Anyone Who Doesn't See That, Just Don't Want To Face Reality.

It's a Self-Delusion All Meat-Eating Humans Put On For Themselves.
I Know, I Used To Be One Of Them.

The Same Is True With Animal Derived Products; It's Such a Horrific Set Of Facts, That You're Exploiting Someone, Keeping Them CHAINED UP, Abusing Them, Denying Them Happiness, Denying Them Love, Denying Babies Their Mommies. Raping Someone, Killing Someone, Consuming Their Baby's Precious Milk, and Then Eating Their Babies.

That You're Part Of Keeping Someone In Their Own Personal Horror Nightmare, Just So You Can Exploit Them, Test Things On Them, Steal From Them and Murder All Their Loved Ones.
Is So Hard To Reconcile Yourself With. That YOU'RE THE MONSTER.
You're The Thing That Children Fear In The Night. You're Their HITLER.
That You Put On a Play For Yourself; Try To Tune It Out. Pretend Like That's Not The Reality.
Pretend They Can't Feel, Can't Think. Because That Would Indeed Make You, a Monster.
And Continuing Doing It, Would Be Inexcusable.

What Stops Anyone From Facing Those Facts Is:
Not Doing Those Things Anymore Is So Hard, Because You Are An ADDICT. 
And Addicts Will Do ANYTHING To Continue Living In The Delusion That They're Not Sick.

I Think That's Why It's SO Hard For Many To Accept What They're Doing Is So Gruesome;
The Horror Of It, They Just Wouldn't Be Able To Deal With It.
So They Cling On To Their Delusion, For As Long As They Can.
But Slowly, Reality Is Sneaking Up On Them.

I Think People Who Eat Meat, Who Wear Fur, Who Thinks Animal-Testing Is Okay:
Are Sick, Monsters, For What They Put Those Poor Defenseless Animals Through;
But Mostly; What I See Is; Mentally Ill People Clinging On To Their Delusion.
They're Addicted To Being Cannibals.
(No Matter What Species, If You Kill And Eat The Dead Flesh Of Another; I Don't Care What Anybody Says, That Makes You a Cannibal)
And The Reality Of It Is So Dark, That They Dare Not Face It.
They Think They're Not Brave Enough.That It'll Break Them.

Because Accepting What They've Done, And The Horror Of It, Would Be Too Much. So They Shove It To The Deepest, Darkest Corner Of Their Minds, And Try Not To Think About It.
Trying To Convince Themselves That They Didn't Choose To Be These Gruesome Monsters, They HAD TO DO IT. They Do That, So They Can Live With Themselves. And What They CHOOSE To Continue Being a Part Of.

I Would Know. I Used To Be One Of Them.

So To Everyone Out There, Yeah, It's Hard, To Kick This Terrible Addiction.
But You Can Do It. You Have To.

The Advice I'd Give Would Be To; Get Excited About All The New Things You CAN EAT.
And Don't Focus On The Things You CAN'T EAT.

Take Vegan Supplements, So Your Body Won't Go Into Shock And Think You're Not Getting The stuff You Need, Whilst You're Looking For New Things To Eat. New Things To Become Your Favourite Meals. It'll Make It SO Much Easier! TRUST ME.

Look At The Change As All The Yummy Things You're Adding To Your Eating Habits,
And Don't Focus On The Stuff You Used To Eat, That You're Cutting Out.

That's My Advice. My Experience.
I Drove Myself Crazy Trying and Failing,
Not Getting Vegan Supplements When I Needed Them,
Because If Your Body Suddenly Thinks It's Not Getting The Nutrition It Needs, And You're Having a Hard Time Finding New Foods To Get Those Minerals etc. You Need, Right Away.
You Will Get Depressed, Emotional, Feel Blue. I Did.

But After Going Though It; I Feel SO MUCH BETTER.
I'm HEALTHIER. I Don't Get Sick As Often. My Immune-system Is Better, I Feel More Refreshed, More Awake, More Aware Of My Surroundings, More Energized.

And My Body Feels SO Much Better! No Longer Do I Feel Like My Body Is Going Through a Heavy-Process To Digest My Foods. No Longer Do I Feel Exhausted As My Body Is Digesting My Food. Because I'm Giving It What It's Supposed To Thrive On. I'm Feeding It The Right Type of Gasoline. ;)

I Hope My Trial and Errors Help Someone Else Who's Going Through the Process, So It Won't Be So Hard For Them, As It Was For Me At First. :)

Yours Truly

Thursday, 14 April 2016

VeganTuck | ULTIMATE Box | April 2016

This VeganTuck ULTIMATE Subscription Box April 2016 Edition
Contained 11 Items.

10p From Each Box Sold This Month, Will Be Donated To
Teen VGN 

a Social Network For Young Vegans.Where Vegans Can Connect, Find Recipes Etc.
The Donation Will Go Directly Into Their
That They're Currently Having
That Aims To Get Enough Money To Get Their Own Office-Space.


I Strongly Suspect, This Being a British Subscription Box;
That These Cookies Were Meant As Dippers For The Hot Chocolate. ;)

On Their Own, They Were Good, But Tended To Get My Mouth a Bit Too Dry For My Liking;
At The End Of Each Cookie.

That Being Said; They're Definitely Yummy, As a Side-Dish To Any Beverage.
Hot and Cold Ones Alike. ^^

Company: Veganz Product: Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Nutty Chocolate-Bar
Okay, So These Were SO GOOD.
That They Went " Missing" Within 24 Hours Of The First Bite xD

I Was AMAZED At How Yummy The Nuts Were!
Sometimes, As Is With Nuts, You Get a Bad One.
And You're Left With a Distinct Taste Of Regret In Your Mouth.

They Must Have Some Serious Quality Checking On Their Products, Because Oh My! All Nuts Were FRESH and DELISH! ^^

The Chocolate Was Of a Nougat;
Round, Yummy and Sweet Flavour.
And It Melted Swiftly In My Mouth Each Time! ^^

Company: iChocProduct: Super-Nut Bar

This Was Okay.This Proved a Perfectly Able Chocolate-y Snack.
It Tasted Like a Thick Layer Of Chocolate Squeezed Between Two Flat-Breads.

Company: Liebhart's


This Was Surprisingly Good!
I'm Not One For The Raw-Olive Type Flavours,
So I Was Pleasantly Surprised At How Yummy This Was!^^

It Paired PERFECTLY With My Potato-Taco Dish!
(Which I Am Posting a Recipe Of Soon!^^)

Company: Kvegks
Product: Olive Crackers

This Product Will Be Reviewed Soon!
Stay Tuned!^^

Company: Follow Your Heart
Product: Vegan Egg (Sampler)  

Orangeytang Drink

This Product Will Be Reviewed Soon!
Stay Tuned!^^

Company: Jaz & Juls
Product: Drinking Chocolate - Orangeytang    

Pecks of Coconuts

 This Product Will Be Reviewed Soon!
Stay Tuned!^^

Company: InSpiral
Product: Coconut Pecks - Raspberry

Cheeky Monkeys!

My Mom Likes Peanuts.
So I Gave Her The Honour Of Reviewing This Product.

She Says They Were Okay, But a Bit Bland.
She Also Noted That, She Was Not Impressed With It Having Been Made With Palm-Oil.

I Must Say, I Agree With The Last Statement. o.O

Company: Cheeky Monkey
Product: Peanut Butter Puffs


This Product Will Be Reviewed Soon!
Stay Tuned!^^

Company: LÄRABAR
Product: Chocolate-Coconut Chew 

Nutty Snack-Pack

This Product Will Be Reviewed Soon.
Stay Tuned!^^

Company: Abakus
Product: Hickory Smoked Nuts (Snack-Pack)

Mushroom Paté

This Product Will Be Reviewed Soon.
Stay Tuned!^^

Company: Bioninvitro
Product: Shitake Paté

Sunday, 3 April 2016

VeganCuts | SNACK Box | March 2016

This VeganCuts Snack Subscription Box March Edition
Contained 11 Items.

Will Appear Soon!

Chickpea Pasta-Shells!

These Are Delicious! ^^
They Taste JUST LIKE Instant Mac'n'Cheese Macaroni! :D
I'm Glad I've Found a Vegan Alternative, Now I Won't Have To Give Up Enjoying That Particular Flavour-Combo! ^^

Company: Banza
Product: Chickpea Pasta-Shells

Mini Veggie Chips

These Taste Okay. I Much Prefer Actual Snap-Peas Though.
When I Chewed Them a Bit, I Did Taste, Faintly, The Snap-Pea Flavour. But, As a Lover Of Fresh Snap-Peas, I Don't Think Drying Them Out, And Salting Them, Did The Trick For Me.

They're An Okay Chip.

Product: Veggie Chips Original (Mini-Snack-Pack)

Kettle Cooked Chips

Very Savoury!^^
These Chips Taste Super-Delish;
They've Got a Warm, Round Taste, With a Tingly Sweetness To The Crunch.

When You Eat Though; Prepare Something To Drink As Well, They Will Leave Your Mouth In Desperate Need To Liquid-Refreshment. ^^

Product: Kettle Cooked Potato Chips: Sweet Maui Onion


Company: Shine Organics
Product: Elevate-Pouch

More Upton's!:D
I Was SO Excited When I Spotted Another Upton's Naturals In My VeganCuts Box! :D
I Got Their Other Jack-Fruit Product, BBQ, In This Previous VeganCuts Box,
And I've Longed For More Ever Since.

The Product, Which Is Supposed To Be Chilled; Suffered No Damage Or Decline From Being Sent Through The Mail. Both Times; The Product Kept Fresh As Ever On It's Way To Me.^^
And Me Living All The Way In Norway; That's a Great Accomplishment!^^

I Decided To Try Boiling It This Time;
Having Opted For The Frying Option With The Previous One.
(Aaaand Because I Wanted To Take The Path Of Least Resistance, I Was Feeling Lazy xD)
And I Coupled It With Brown Rice.

It Turned Out Well; I Was Surprised At How Good The Sauce Tasted,
It Reminded Me Of Over-Baked Lemon w/Lemon-Pepper.
Very Good^^

But I've Got To Admit; I Think I Prefer The BBQ Jack-Fruit. ;)

Company: Upton's Naturals
Product: Chili Lime Carnitas - Jackfruit

The No Cow Bar!

 Company: D's Naturals
Product: The No Cow Bar 


Shake It!

Company: Clean
Daily Shake Single Serving Package (x1)


Company: Brisk Bars
Product: Wake Your Senses Bar 

 Company: Organic Living SuperfoodsProduct: Snack-Pack: Organic Raw Dark Chocolate Covered Coconut Chunks


This One's For The MINT-LOVERS!
This Was Waay To Minty For My Taste; It Literally Tasted More Like Mint, Than Chocolate.

I Think This Product Would Be Perfect For People Who Are REALLY Into Extra-Minty Mojitos.

I Like a Little Bit Of Mint,
But I've Never Liked Mojitos.

As Far As I'm Concerned; For Me;
It Was a Swing And a Miss.
It Felt Like There Was Actual Mint-Leaves INSIDE The Brownie; It Was That Potent In Mint.

Company: Nature's Bakery
Product: Mint Double Chocolate Brownie (x1)

When I Realized That This Bar Was The CHOCOLATE Bar :D
I Was Excited (Putting It Mildly xD)

Sadly; I Was Expecting More Of a Chocolate-Bar;
This Is More Nutty-Fruit Bar, With a Hint of Chocolate.

It Wasn't Terrible, By No Means.
I Just Worked Up My Own Expectations Too Much;
Before Actually Biting Into It ;)

It Had a Definite Orange (The Fruit) Taste To It.
Fresh Orange, Coated In a Hint Of Chocolate.
With Nuts And Healthy-Healthy Stuff.

Company: Live Smart
Product: Chocolate Flaxbar


VeganCuts | BEAUTY Box | March 2016

This VeganCuts Beauty Subscription Box March 2016 Edition
Contains 6 Items.

Roll-On Perfume

Loving All These Roll-On Applicators! ^^
The Bottle Of This Perfume, Is SO Gorgeous!
Filled With UNICORNS! :D
The Smell Seems Quite Perfume Ordinary.
It Also Seems Very Potent, So I Think a Little "Roll" Will Last a Lifetime! ^^

Company: Pacifica
Roll-On Perfume (Tunisian Jasmine Lime)


Heavenly Refreshing Scent, But a Little Sticky.
It Said It Would Result In an Easier To Manage, Easier To Comb-Through Hair.
I Disagree. It Got More Frizzy, and Tangled/Stuck Together.
The Scent However Was Absolutely Divine!
It Was Summery, Light, Tropical, Flowery, Sweet and Refreshing!
 (Maybe I Applied Too Much? o.O 
The Smell Was So Nice, I Just Went To Town When Applying It! xD)

I Don't Use Hot-Irons To do My Hair, 
So I Can't Testify To It's Ability To Safeguard The Hair while Using Heat To Style It.
I Suppose The Sticky/Coating Effect Is To Protect The Hair During.
Company: DermOrganics
Product: 8 Way Thermal Hair Spray (Color Care)

Cleanse Thy Body

I Tried This In The Shower Just a Couple Of Days Ago.
It's One Of Those Things Where, I Smeared Myself In Good
BEFORE I Took a Good Whiff Of The Scent.
I Regret That.
I'm Sure Some People Will LOVE The Scent, But Me, No.
It Was Way Too Strong, and Air-Freshener Scent-y For My Taste.

Company: Shea Radiance
Product: Black Soap Body Cleanser w/Shea Butter & Colloidal Oatmeal

Eyes On Fleek
I Was So Stoked To Find a New Addition To My Eye-Pencil Assortment! 
I Was a Little Dismayed However, At It's Texture; It Was Hard To Put On.
As In, I Had To Really Apply Pressure To Get The Liner On my Skin.
Which Is, As You Might Imagine; Not So Pleasant On The Sensitive Skin Next To Ones Eyeball. 
I Think Adding Some Water To The Tip Is Crucial To a Comfortable Application Of This.

I'd Hope They Change The Recipe a Little; 
To Get Their Pencils Creamier And Easier To Apply In The Future.

Company: Earth Lab Cosmetics 
Product: Vegan Mineral Pencil (Black/Noir)

Candle Time!

I Must Admit, I Must Confess; I REALLY Don't Like Candles o.O
Due To a Traumatizing Spare-Candles-Burning Incident, Where My Mother Decided To Burn a Bunch Of Candles In The Oven, As a Fuel-Replacement To Get The Fire Going.
Resulting In The Entire House Having a Thick, Wax Fog In It For a LONG LONG TIME. And Having BREATHED It In. I Don't Like Candles Anymore. o.O

I Think I Will Gift This To a Friend, Who May Lit It Far, Far Away From Me. x)
I'll See What They Think Of It :)

Company: October Fields
Product: Candle-Sampler (x1)

Sensitive Eye-Cream
Very Nice!
I Was Very Impressed With This; It Didn't Sting, It Didn't Smell Much, It Was Gentle, And It Really Moisturized My Eye-Area Without It Becoming Greasy Or Feeling Weird.
Maybe I'll Take Up Using Eye-Cream On The Regular Now? ^^
Just Like a Proper Adult-Lady-Human! xD Yaay! :3

Company: Everclen
Product: Eye Cream