Sunday, 3 April 2016

VeganCuts | BEAUTY Box | March 2016

This VeganCuts Beauty Subscription Box March 2016 Edition
Contains 6 Items.

Roll-On Perfume

Loving All These Roll-On Applicators! ^^
The Bottle Of This Perfume, Is SO Gorgeous!
Filled With UNICORNS! :D
The Smell Seems Quite Perfume Ordinary.
It Also Seems Very Potent, So I Think a Little "Roll" Will Last a Lifetime! ^^

Company: Pacifica
Roll-On Perfume (Tunisian Jasmine Lime)


Heavenly Refreshing Scent, But a Little Sticky.
It Said It Would Result In an Easier To Manage, Easier To Comb-Through Hair.
I Disagree. It Got More Frizzy, and Tangled/Stuck Together.
The Scent However Was Absolutely Divine!
It Was Summery, Light, Tropical, Flowery, Sweet and Refreshing!
 (Maybe I Applied Too Much? o.O 
The Smell Was So Nice, I Just Went To Town When Applying It! xD)

I Don't Use Hot-Irons To do My Hair, 
So I Can't Testify To It's Ability To Safeguard The Hair while Using Heat To Style It.
I Suppose The Sticky/Coating Effect Is To Protect The Hair During.
Company: DermOrganics
Product: 8 Way Thermal Hair Spray (Color Care)

Cleanse Thy Body

I Tried This In The Shower Just a Couple Of Days Ago.
It's One Of Those Things Where, I Smeared Myself In Good
BEFORE I Took a Good Whiff Of The Scent.
I Regret That.
I'm Sure Some People Will LOVE The Scent, But Me, No.
It Was Way Too Strong, and Air-Freshener Scent-y For My Taste.

Company: Shea Radiance
Product: Black Soap Body Cleanser w/Shea Butter & Colloidal Oatmeal

Eyes On Fleek
I Was So Stoked To Find a New Addition To My Eye-Pencil Assortment! 
I Was a Little Dismayed However, At It's Texture; It Was Hard To Put On.
As In, I Had To Really Apply Pressure To Get The Liner On my Skin.
Which Is, As You Might Imagine; Not So Pleasant On The Sensitive Skin Next To Ones Eyeball. 
I Think Adding Some Water To The Tip Is Crucial To a Comfortable Application Of This.

I'd Hope They Change The Recipe a Little; 
To Get Their Pencils Creamier And Easier To Apply In The Future.

Company: Earth Lab Cosmetics 
Product: Vegan Mineral Pencil (Black/Noir)

Candle Time!

I Must Admit, I Must Confess; I REALLY Don't Like Candles o.O
Due To a Traumatizing Spare-Candles-Burning Incident, Where My Mother Decided To Burn a Bunch Of Candles In The Oven, As a Fuel-Replacement To Get The Fire Going.
Resulting In The Entire House Having a Thick, Wax Fog In It For a LONG LONG TIME. And Having BREATHED It In. I Don't Like Candles Anymore. o.O

I Think I Will Gift This To a Friend, Who May Lit It Far, Far Away From Me. x)
I'll See What They Think Of It :)

Company: October Fields
Product: Candle-Sampler (x1)

Sensitive Eye-Cream
Very Nice!
I Was Very Impressed With This; It Didn't Sting, It Didn't Smell Much, It Was Gentle, And It Really Moisturized My Eye-Area Without It Becoming Greasy Or Feeling Weird.
Maybe I'll Take Up Using Eye-Cream On The Regular Now? ^^
Just Like a Proper Adult-Lady-Human! xD Yaay! :3

Company: Everclen
Product: Eye Cream

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