Sunday, 3 April 2016

VeganCuts | SNACK Box | March 2016

This VeganCuts Snack Subscription Box March Edition
Contained 11 Items.

Will Appear Soon!

Chickpea Pasta-Shells!

These Are Delicious! ^^
They Taste JUST LIKE Instant Mac'n'Cheese Macaroni! :D
I'm Glad I've Found a Vegan Alternative, Now I Won't Have To Give Up Enjoying That Particular Flavour-Combo! ^^

Company: Banza
Product: Chickpea Pasta-Shells

Mini Veggie Chips

These Taste Okay. I Much Prefer Actual Snap-Peas Though.
When I Chewed Them a Bit, I Did Taste, Faintly, The Snap-Pea Flavour. But, As a Lover Of Fresh Snap-Peas, I Don't Think Drying Them Out, And Salting Them, Did The Trick For Me.

They're An Okay Chip.

Product: Veggie Chips Original (Mini-Snack-Pack)

Kettle Cooked Chips

Very Savoury!^^
These Chips Taste Super-Delish;
They've Got a Warm, Round Taste, With a Tingly Sweetness To The Crunch.

When You Eat Though; Prepare Something To Drink As Well, They Will Leave Your Mouth In Desperate Need To Liquid-Refreshment. ^^

Product: Kettle Cooked Potato Chips: Sweet Maui Onion


Company: Shine Organics
Product: Elevate-Pouch

More Upton's!:D
I Was SO Excited When I Spotted Another Upton's Naturals In My VeganCuts Box! :D
I Got Their Other Jack-Fruit Product, BBQ, In This Previous VeganCuts Box,
And I've Longed For More Ever Since.

The Product, Which Is Supposed To Be Chilled; Suffered No Damage Or Decline From Being Sent Through The Mail. Both Times; The Product Kept Fresh As Ever On It's Way To Me.^^
And Me Living All The Way In Norway; That's a Great Accomplishment!^^

I Decided To Try Boiling It This Time;
Having Opted For The Frying Option With The Previous One.
(Aaaand Because I Wanted To Take The Path Of Least Resistance, I Was Feeling Lazy xD)
And I Coupled It With Brown Rice.

It Turned Out Well; I Was Surprised At How Good The Sauce Tasted,
It Reminded Me Of Over-Baked Lemon w/Lemon-Pepper.
Very Good^^

But I've Got To Admit; I Think I Prefer The BBQ Jack-Fruit. ;)

Company: Upton's Naturals
Product: Chili Lime Carnitas - Jackfruit

The No Cow Bar!

 Company: D's Naturals
Product: The No Cow Bar 


Shake It!

Company: Clean
Daily Shake Single Serving Package (x1)


Company: Brisk Bars
Product: Wake Your Senses Bar 

 Company: Organic Living SuperfoodsProduct: Snack-Pack: Organic Raw Dark Chocolate Covered Coconut Chunks


This One's For The MINT-LOVERS!
This Was Waay To Minty For My Taste; It Literally Tasted More Like Mint, Than Chocolate.

I Think This Product Would Be Perfect For People Who Are REALLY Into Extra-Minty Mojitos.

I Like a Little Bit Of Mint,
But I've Never Liked Mojitos.

As Far As I'm Concerned; For Me;
It Was a Swing And a Miss.
It Felt Like There Was Actual Mint-Leaves INSIDE The Brownie; It Was That Potent In Mint.

Company: Nature's Bakery
Product: Mint Double Chocolate Brownie (x1)

When I Realized That This Bar Was The CHOCOLATE Bar :D
I Was Excited (Putting It Mildly xD)

Sadly; I Was Expecting More Of a Chocolate-Bar;
This Is More Nutty-Fruit Bar, With a Hint of Chocolate.

It Wasn't Terrible, By No Means.
I Just Worked Up My Own Expectations Too Much;
Before Actually Biting Into It ;)

It Had a Definite Orange (The Fruit) Taste To It.
Fresh Orange, Coated In a Hint Of Chocolate.
With Nuts And Healthy-Healthy Stuff.

Company: Live Smart
Product: Chocolate Flaxbar


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