Saturday, 2 April 2016

VeganCuts | SNACK Box | February 2016

This VeganCuts Snack Subscription Box February 2016 Edition
Contained 10 Items.

Will Appear Soon.


Mushroom Coffee

I Got a Little Sample Packet Of This Mushroom Coffee.
And Since I'm Not a Consumer Of Coffee; I Gave It To My Mom, For Her To Try.
She Says It Was Okay, But That She Prefers Her Usual Grind. :)

Company: Four Stigma Foods 
Product: Mushroom Coffee With Lions Mane

 Revolutionary Peanut Glow

I Gave This Bar To My Mom, As She LOVES Peanuts And I Can't Stand Them xD She'll Be a Fairer Judge Of It As A Product. Whereas I Would Have a Hard Time Getting Over The Fact That It Contains Peanuts xD

This Became a Quick Favourite With My Mom.
She Came Home From Work, Raving About How Delicious It Was; Wanting Me To Look It Up, To See Where We Could Get More. ^^

Company: Raw Revolution
Product: Glo Creamy Peanut Butter & Sea Salt Bar



I Gave This To My Mom; As She LOVES Granola-Bars And I Do NOT. x)
She LOVED It!^^
Said It Was Very Delicious And Savoury, Fruity and Hazel-Nutty.

Company: LiveSmart
Product: Flax Bar Original

Almond Butter

I Utilized This In a Cup-Cake Recipe;
I Should Note That It Can Also Be Eaten, Just As Is.
Or Used As a Add-On To Bread, Fruit, Or Any Dish You'd Like.

The Texture Of The Product Was Surprising; I Thought It Would Be White and Thick, But Instead It Was Quite Liquid and Brown In Colour.

It Contains All Kinds Of Healthy Stuff; Like Omega-3, For Instance; But It Didn't Smell Off Or "Fishy" In Any Way.

FunFact: This Company Was Proved An Interesting Read; As They Help Feed Hungry Children For Each Container Sold.

Company: YumButter
Superfood Almond Butter

Chili Puffs
These Tasted Bland, and Dry.
And They Left a Very Spicy, Stingy Aftertaste.
Definitely Not My Kind Of Snack.
Product: Quinoa Puffs - Sweet Chilli

a Chick For Your Peas

These Were Okay;
But Not Much of a Favourite Of Mine. 

They Were Spiced, Not Too Much, Not Too Little.
It Just wasn't My Cup Of Tea.
I Found The Taste a Bit Sickening.
I Think It Might Have Been a Mix Between The Spicing, But Mostly Because I Didn't Like The Flavour Of The Peas Themselves. I Guess Chickpeas Are Not My Thing. Overall.

Company: Chic-a-Peas
Product: Baked Crunchy Chickpeas - Sweet BBQ

Clean Energy

This Was SO GOOD! :D
It Tasted Just Like Chilled, Slightly Watered Out Rosehip Tea!
Which Just So Happens To Be 
My Absolute Favurite Kind Of Tea! ^^

I Want MORE! ^^

Company: RUNA
Product: Bottle; Hibiscus-Berry Guayusa

This Bar Was VERY Rich In Taste,
And Even Though It Was a Good Taste,
It God a Tad Overwhelming After The First Chew.
The Flavour Was Chocolate + Raspberry, Which Was a Good Combo, Initially;
But It Had a VERY Sweet Aftertaste Which Was a Bit Too Much For My Taste.
The Flavour Was Chocolate + Raspberry, Which Was a Good Combo.

I Would Not Recommend This As A Casual Snack;
It's Definitely More Of a Fill Your Stomach In an Energy-Crave, 
Whilst Being Extremely Hungry Kinda' Bar.
 Company: EcoTrek Fitness
Product: Whole Food Bar

 CUTE^^ Superfood Container

This Was Actually Yummy! ^^
It Tasted Of Apple and Cinnamon Mostly, But With a Round, Warm Finish (Probably The Influence Of All The Other Foods^^)
It Was Very Good.
It Reminded Me Of Apple/Cinnamon Oatmeal, But Without The Bland Oat-Aftertaste.
It Also Screamed CHRISTMAS As It Hit My Taste-buds. Very Good ^^
I Also Really Like This Type Of Packaging. So Nifty!
I'd Definitely Recommend :)

This Superfood Blend Is Made Up Of Sweet Potato, Goji, Banana, Apple, Lemon, Date, Cinnamon, Brown Rice Protein & Flax Seed.
Company: NOKA
Product: Sweet Potato / Goji Superfood Blend

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