Saturday, 28 May 2016

VeganCuts | SNACK Box | May 2016

This VeganCuts Snacks Subscription Box, May Edition 2016
Contains 13 Items
6/13 Items Reviewed So Far

 Cocoa Loco!
Company: Enjoy Life Foods
Product: Cocoa Loco Chewy Bar
Quantity: 1 Bar (28g)
Value: 0,89 USD
Coupon: YES | Valid International
Get 1.00 USD Off Of Any One Item Purchased,
Retailing Over 3 USD

Made With Love

I Gave This To My Mother.
She Says It Was Very Good.
She Felt It Had a Round, Savoury Kind Of Taste; With Distinct Cinnamon, Fruity, Nutty, Coco-Nutty Kind Of Flavours.
To Quote Her Directly;
"It Was So Savoury! The PERFECT Flavour Ratio and Ingredient Combo!"

Company: Ginny Bakes
Product: GinnyBar (Nut Fruit)
Quantity: 1 Bar (1.23 oz/35g)
Value: Unknown

 Spicy and Fresh! ^^
This Popcorn Tasted Very Good; The Jalapenõs Really Made The Flavour POP! ^^
But It Wasn't Unpleasantly Spicy, The Flavour Of The Pepper Itself Shone Through, and They Tasted Like Regular Popcorn, Laced in Jalapenõ-Butter ^^
I'd Definitely Recommend! ^^

Company: SkinnyPop Product: Jalapeño Popcorn
Quantity: 1 Bag (0.15oz/14g)
Value: 4.29 USD


Company: EatWhatever
Product: 2 Steps To Kissable Breath
Quantity: 1 Individual Pack
(contains: 1 gel cap, 1 mint)
Value: 0.3 USD

Minty Chocolate Cookies

 Surprisingly Yummy! :D
I've Recently Had Some Bad Experiences With Chocolate-Mint Mixtures, So Imagine My Sheer Delight, When I Tasted These, And They Were Absolutely Scrumptious! ^^

The Cookies Were Small, Bite-Sized;
Perfectly Sized Really.
They Had a Perfect Combo of
Chocolate-Cookie and Mint.
And I Am So Impressed; The Mint Wasn't Overpowering; It Was Perfectly Balanced With The Chocolate-Batter.

I SO Want More Of These!^^

Company: HomeFree
Product: Chocolate Mint Cookies
Quantity: 1 Single-Serving Pack (0.95 oz/27g)
Value: 0.88 USD

Granola Clusters
Company: Lazy Susan's
Product: Granola Cluster (Cranberry Chocolate Chip)
Quantity: 1 Pack (1/3 Cup/35g)
Value: Unknown

 Dang, Dang, The Witch Is Dead
 Love The Flavour!
I Really Love The Flavour Of These!
Sadly, However, Me Not Being Particularly Find Of The Taste Of Coconuts,
The Aftertaste Of Coconuts Was a Downer For Me.

I Wish They Could Have One, With The Same Flavour, But Without Being Coconut-Chips.
That Would Be Perfect For Me. x)

Company: Dang Product: Coconut-Chips (Chili-Lime)
Quantity: 1 Pack (1.43oz/40g)
Value: 2.3 USD

Granola Bar

Company: Earnest Eats Product: Chewy Granola Bar (Power Grains & Flax)
Quantity: 1 Bar (1.2oz/35g)
Value: 0.99 USD

 I Went To Foodie-Heaven!
These Were SO GOOD, That I LITERALLY, Licked The Bag Clean Of It's Contents! xD
It Tasted Exactly Like a Norwegian Non-Vegan Snack Called Potato-Sticks.
And I've Missed Them!
These Outshone Them, Above And Beyond!
I Think It Must Be The Ingredients, They Must Be Better In These Chips,
Because, Contrary To Their Non-Vegan, Norwegian Counterpart;
NO TUMMY-ACHES After Eating These! :D

I Seriously Want To Find Out How To Order Me More Of These, 
And Have Them Shipped To Norway; They're THAT GOOD! :D

Company: Beanfields Product: Pico De Gallo Bean & Rice Chips
Quantity: 1 Pack (1.5oz/43g)
Value: 1.25 USD

 Got My MOJO Back!
Company: Made In Nature
Product: Cuban Mojo (Ancient Grain Fusion)
Quantity: 1 Pack (8oz/227g)
Value: 3.99 USD

Chocolate Shake

Company: Vibrant Health
Product: Chocolate Crème Matcha Tea
Quantity: 1 Single-Serving Packet (5g/0.176oz)
Value: 1.00 USD

Oat Drink
 Good PlantMilk.
I Used This Product In One Of My CookBook-Adventure Dishes.
It Served Excellently As a Plant-Milk.
No Strange Aftertastes. Blended Right In,
and Mixed Perfectly With The Other Ingredients.

Company:  Pacific Foods
Product: Organic Oat Drink ORIGIAL
Quantity: 1 (8 fl. oz/240ml)
Value: 0.79 USD
Coupon: YES | Only Valid For US Customers
Get 1.00 Off Of Any Purchase Of Their Products of 32oz

Some Cold Ass Coffee
 Company: High Brew Coffee Product: Dairy-Free Black & Bold
Quantity: 1 Can (8 fl oz/236ml)
Value: 3.75 USD

Standard 22.95 per Month
International Subscription: + Shipping 15 USD

US Subscription: FREE SHIPPING
Canadian Subscription: + Shipping 9 USD
Coupon YES | Valid International
Each Box Comes With a Coupon Code That Applies To
The Subscription Box Company's Own Shop

You Get 10% OFF The Entire Puchase, When Ordering For 50 USD or More
Expires Jun 30th 2016

Thursday, 26 May 2016

VeganCuts | BEAUTY Box | May 2016

Contains 5 Items
ALL Items Reviewed!

 Facial Toner

 This Product Proved Efficient.
It Moisturized My Face, Without Leaving It Feeling Greasy.
It Was a Bit Stingy As I Applied It
(Maybe I Applied Too Much On One Area? hm... o.o)
But As Soon As It Dried, That Subsided.
I Love The Fact That It's The Full Sized Version,
Leaving Me With Plenty Of It, Now That I've Got a Newfound Appreciation For It.

It's Such a Drag Isn't It? When You Fall In Love With a Product/Like It/Want To Continue Using It.
But You Only Got a One-Time-Only Sample, So You Kind Of Can't Become "Addicted" xD
To It, Incorporating It Fully In Your Daily Routine x)

 Company: Everclén Product: Facial Toner
Quantity: 4 fl oz/118 ml Value: 15 USD (Full Size)

 Brush It All Away
I'm Sooo Soo Happy I Got This Brush!^^
It's So Easy To Use, And It's Brush-Shape, Contrary To Regular Brushes, Prevents Any Accidental
"Blobs" Of Too Excess Blush Sticking To Your Face.
It Leaves an Airbrushed Kind Of Look, Natural, And Fierce!

Company: Terre Mère Cosmetics Product: Blush Brush
Quantity: 1 Value: 34 USD (Full Size)
(50% Off Entire Purchase)
Expires June 30th 2016

Granola For Your Skin
Smell Is Divine!
I Was So Surprised When I Took a Whiff Of This, And The Smell Just Took Me On An Instant
"I Feel Like This Is What Nature, Flowers and The Outdoors, On a Sunny Day Would Smell Like, On a Grassy Patch Of Land With Goats Roaming It."
And No, Not In a Bad, Goat Poo, Bad Farm Smell.
In a Wonderful, Reassuring, Calming, At One With Nature, Next To Animals Sort Of Way! :D
Very Gentle On The Skin, Suitable For Sensitive Skin.
No Itching, and No Burning Sensations.
Very Nice Product. 

Company: The Granola Goat Product: The Amazing Face Serum
Quantity: Mini-Sampler (Small Thumb-Finger Sized)
Value: 4 USD (Sampler Size)
(10% Off Entire Purchase)
 Did Not Include An Expiry Date

 Mythical Goddess Make-Up
This Lipgloss Is Surprisingly Faint.
I'd Say This Is More Of an Add On Shine-er,
Good For Putting On On Top Of Lipstick, Just To Give It Some Extra Shine.

Company: Medusa's Make-Up
Product: Lipgloss (Siren)
Quantity: 1.5g net. wt.
Value: 9 USD (Full Size)

This Is a Surprise Item;
Meaning Subscribers Of This Box Received 1 of 3 Surprise-Options. 
This Item Arrived All Wrapped Up Cute Gift-Wrapper, Being a Surprise And All^^
 I Received The Lipgloss From Medusa's Make-Up
Others Might Have Gotten a "Bold Blush" or a "Warm Bronzer"
From The Same Brand. 

I Get a Chubby For Them Scrubs xD

 This Product Was Very Nice.
I Tried It In The Shower, And I Used It As an Overall Body-Scrub.
It Smelled SO GOOD! ^^
It Was Gentle, It Absorbed Well Into My Skin,
It Wasn't Greasy, It Was Like a Soft Coat Of Silk, With Great Dead-Skin Removing Pebbles. ^^
I Like It Very Much! ^^

P.S: When Extracting The Content Out Of The Container, I'd Recommend Holding It Under The Water, Whilst Dipping Your Finger In There; To Get It Out.
And You're All Set :)
You Don't Have To Use A Lot In Each Go;
One Small Chubby Lasts At Least 3 Showers For Me. :)

Company: Molly Rose Product: Body Scrub Chubbie (Grapefruit Basil)
Quantity: 1 Chubbie (approx. tealight-sized)
Value: 2 USD (Sampler-Size)
(20% OFF Orders Over 20 USD) 

Expires 31st of August 2016

Standard 22.95 USD per Month
International Subscription: +Shipping 15 USD
US Subscription: FREE SHIPPING
Canadian Subscription: +Shipping 9 USD
Box Comes With a Coupon of 10% OFF Of Any 50 USD or More Purchase 
From Their Own Shop
(Where They Sell Items Previously Featured, and Other Vegan Products)
Expires the 10th of June 2016

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Petit Vour | BEAUTY Box | May 2016

This Petit Vour Subscription Box, May 2016 Edition
Contains 4 Items.
4/4 Items Reviewed

The Smell/Taste Was Peculiar.
I Got The Colour-Variation, The Furthest To The Right, As Seen In The Picture Above.
When I Was Younger, One Of My First Lip-glosses Ever, Had This Thick, Candle-Wax-y Smell and Taste To It. Which Was Unpleasant; Just a Constant Reminder Of  
Feeling Like It's a Thick Coating, Just Sitting There, On Top Of Your Lips. o.O

Sadly, This Lip-gloss Was Exactly Like That.
That Being Said; really Like The Beige Shade.

Company: Ecco Bella Product: Good For You Gloss
Quantity: 0.38 oz/11g Value: 20 USD (Full Size)

 Vegan Teeth-Whitener
I Have Been On The Hunt, Hoping There Would Be a Vegan,
Cruelty-Free Teeth-Whitening Option Out There.
To Say I Was STOKED Out Of My Mind, When This Arrived;

I Tried The Product Just Yesterday, For The First Time;
And I Was Mighty IMPRESSED! ^^
I Used It In The Shower, Per Instructed; To Avoid Making a Mess.
The Product Is a Dry, Pitch BLACK Ash Concoction, Which Will Get EVERYWHERE If Spilled;
So Definitely, Doing It In The Shower Is Recommended! x)

I Brushed My Teeth First, With Regular Vegan Toothpaste.
 Then I Proceeded To Try The Ash; I Brushed For 2 Minutes, As Instructed.
The Results Were Astonishing! :D
 Just After One Time, My Teeth Were Free Of All Yellow Stains! :D

It's Also Worth Noting That This Product Is 100% Organic, Natural
Everyone Can Use This!^^

It Did Say It Could Serve as a Toothpaste Replacement, But I Chose To Do Both.
I Did Brush a Bit Too Hard Though, Which Was Not Such a Good Idea.
My Gums Definitely Regretted It o.O
But As Long As You Don't Go Brush-CRAZY, Brushing The Hell Out Of Your Teeth,
You Should Be Just Fine ;)

Company: Bedrock & Bloom Product: Smart Ash Teeth-Whitener/Detoxifier
Quantity: 1g/0.03oz (Trial Size) Value: 3 USD (Sample Size)

Mermaid Hair-Spray
Great Make-Up Fixative!
I Rarely Style My Hair With Any Need For Hair-Spray Anymore.
However, Lately, Having Run Out Of Make-Up Fixative-Spray, I've Resorted To Using Alternative Sprays.
This Proved An Excellent Make-Up Fixative! ^^
The Spray Smells DIVINE!
And It's Salty :D

So Try To Avoid Spraying Your Mouth, Or You'll Have a Salty Lip-Coating x)
Don't Worry If It Happens Though; I Had No Bad Side-Effects From Accidentally Ingesting Some Of It, When Licking My Lips. :)

Company: Captain Blankenship
Product: Mermaid Sea-Salt Hair-Spray
Quantity: 1fl oz/30ml
Value: 7 USD (Sample Size)

Blemishes Be Gone
 I Tried This Not So Long Ago, But I Don't Know If I Did It Right. o.O
 The Product Didn't Have Any Directions, As To How To Use It.
I Applied It To My Face, And Later Washed It Off; All While In The Shower.
So I'm Going To Research Further.

The Product Had a Gelatinous Texture. Which Was Surprising.

Company: Juice Beauty Product: Green Apple Peel Blemish Clearning (Liquid)
Quantity: 0.25 fl oz/ 7 ml Value: 5 USD (Sample Size)

International Subscription: 30 USD (Including Shipping)

US Subscription: 15 USD (Including Shipping)
Canada Subscription: 23 USD (Including Shipping)

Friday, 20 May 2016


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Thursday, 12 May 2016

VeganTuck | ULTIMATE Box | May 2016

 This VeganTuck ULTIMATE Subscription Box, May 2016 Edition
Contains 10 Items.

 Cost: £ 16.50,- + Shipping
(N.B: This Company Also Offers a Smaller Monthly Box That Costs Less)

10p of EVERY Box Sold This Month Is DONATED To The Calf Sanctuary.
The Lease of Their Facilities, Where They Keep and Care For The Animals,
Has NOT Been Renewed, And They Are Raising Money To Build New Facilities ASAP!

ALL Items Reviewed!


This Was Very Good.
It Tasted Fresh, It Was Yummy; And It Had a Rich Flavour.
It Really Felt Like It Was Just Made From Scratch! ^^

Company: Great Food Affairs
Product: Bruschetta - Garlic & Parsley
Value: £ 1.49,-
Quantity: 150g

This Was Okay.
I'm Not a Fan of Peanut-Butter, But I Do LOVE Pistachio Nuts :D
So I Was 50/50, Going In, Weather Or Not I'd Like This.

It Was Okay.
I Really Like My Pistachio-Nuts Salty, And It Lacked That.
But Compared To Peanut-Butter; It Was Waaay Better.
I Think This Is Perfect For People Who Prefer Their Pistachio-Nuts Unsalted :)
The Nut In Itself, Plain, Is What This Tastes Like.
Only In Nougat/Cream Form ^^

Company: Nutural World Product: Pistachio Butter
Value: £ 2.50,-
Quantity: 35g


 Perfect For Raisin-Lovers.
I've Never Been a Fan Of Raisins.
And This Had a Distinct Raisin
Kind Of Taste To It.

But I Think, For Anyone Who Likes Raisins, Out Of Dried Fruit In Particular, This Will Be a Go-To-Snack From Them! ^^

Company: Pulsin 
Product: Blackcurrant & Apple Oat Bar
Value: £ 0.50,-
Quantity: 25g

Chocolate Croissant

 Not My Cup Of Tea.
The Croissant Was Bitter; Sour In Smell and Flavour.
And Not To My Personal Liking.

Another Thing;
In the Picture, The Croissant Looks "Stuffed" With Chocolate Throughout It's Inside.
Mine Was Nothing Like The Picture.
Instead Of Having Baked The Chocolate Into The Inside Of The Croissant; There Were 3 Small Pucture-Holes On The Top Of It.
Clearly From Inserting Chocolate There.
Problem Is; The Holes Were The ONLY Part Of The Pastry With Any Chocolate In It.

Company: Probios
GoVegan Chocolate Croissant
Value: £ 1.00,-
Quantity: 45g


Have You Ever Smelled Sage?
That's What This reminded Me Of, Flavour-wise.
I'm Not Much of a Beetroot Kind Of Gal Myself,
And The Sage Flavour Isn't My Kind Of Thing Either.
GOOD THING My Mom Loves All Those Things! ^^
I Gave Them To Her; And She Liked Them. :)
Very Much ^^

Company: Saf Express  
Product: Beetroot & Horseradish Crackers

Value: £ 2.99,-
Quantity: 44g

Strawberry Wafer Crunch
 One Of The BEST Things I've EVER Tasted! :D
The Inside Of This Classy, Fabulous Packaging, Surprised Me, By Being a White Chocolate Bar. ^^
And It Was PINK! :D
Made Of Rice, And Infused With Yummy Strawberries, This Really BLEW MY MIND! :D
It Tasted Exactly Like Strawberry, Milky, Ice-Cream! :D
I Am SO Getting Myself Some More Of These!
10 Out Of 10 Yummy Childhood-Strawberry-Ice-Cream-Memories! :D

Company: Vivani Product: Strawberry Wafer Bar
Value: £ 1.00,-
Quantity: 35g

Chocolate Thins

These Were Tasty :)
They Remind Me Of Dark Chocolates That Are Infused With Orange-Flavour.

They Are Very Elegant, Both The Chocolates Themselves, And The Packaging.

I'd Imagine They'd Be Perfect As a Side-Treat To Any Tea-Party. Very Hercule Poirot, 1930's Classy. ;)

Company: Sweet Virtues
Product: Chocolate Halo Thins
(Yerba Mate & Lemon)
Value: £ 3.95,-
Quantity: Min 40g

Nougat Pralines
 My Second Bag Of Nougat-Pralines This Month!^^
Good Thing They're Yummy. ;)

They Are Not a Chain-Eat-The-Whole-Bag In One Sitting.
They Will Last A While.
Not Because They're Not Savoury, But Because
They Are So Rich and Powerful In Flavour.

They Taste Of Fine Nougat; They Melt In Your Mouth. :)

Company: Vego Product: Feine Nougat Pralines
Value: £ 4.50,-
Quantity: 180g

Snappea Sticks

I Was So Blown Away By These.
They Taste Exactly Like German-Spiced Sausages! :D

So Savoury, So Delish;
I Had To Really Restrain Myself; So I Wouldn't Just Chow Them Down In One Go! ^^

Company: Yushoi
Snapea Rice Sticks
(Smoked Salt & Szechuan Pepper)
Value: £ 1.99,-
Quantity: 21g

Vegan Twix
 Not My Thing, But Okay.
I Wasn't a Big Twix-Fan As a Non-Vegan, So This Wasn't Really My Cup Of Tea.

But I Do Believe, For any Twix-Lovers Gone Vegans Out There;
This Will Be Their New Fav Chocolate-Bar! ;)

Company: Go Max Go Foods Product: 2'Fer Bar
Value:£ 2.00,-
Quantity: 43g