Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Petit Vour | BEAUTY Box | May 2016

This Petit Vour Subscription Box, May 2016 Edition
Contains 4 Items.
4/4 Items Reviewed

The Smell/Taste Was Peculiar.
I Got The Colour-Variation, The Furthest To The Right, As Seen In The Picture Above.
When I Was Younger, One Of My First Lip-glosses Ever, Had This Thick, Candle-Wax-y Smell and Taste To It. Which Was Unpleasant; Just a Constant Reminder Of  
Feeling Like It's a Thick Coating, Just Sitting There, On Top Of Your Lips. o.O

Sadly, This Lip-gloss Was Exactly Like That.
That Being Said; really Like The Beige Shade.

Company: Ecco Bella Product: Good For You Gloss
Quantity: 0.38 oz/11g Value: 20 USD (Full Size)

 Vegan Teeth-Whitener
I Have Been On The Hunt, Hoping There Would Be a Vegan,
Cruelty-Free Teeth-Whitening Option Out There.
To Say I Was STOKED Out Of My Mind, When This Arrived;

I Tried The Product Just Yesterday, For The First Time;
And I Was Mighty IMPRESSED! ^^
I Used It In The Shower, Per Instructed; To Avoid Making a Mess.
The Product Is a Dry, Pitch BLACK Ash Concoction, Which Will Get EVERYWHERE If Spilled;
So Definitely, Doing It In The Shower Is Recommended! x)

I Brushed My Teeth First, With Regular Vegan Toothpaste.
 Then I Proceeded To Try The Ash; I Brushed For 2 Minutes, As Instructed.
The Results Were Astonishing! :D
 Just After One Time, My Teeth Were Free Of All Yellow Stains! :D

It's Also Worth Noting That This Product Is 100% Organic, Natural
Everyone Can Use This!^^

It Did Say It Could Serve as a Toothpaste Replacement, But I Chose To Do Both.
I Did Brush a Bit Too Hard Though, Which Was Not Such a Good Idea.
My Gums Definitely Regretted It o.O
But As Long As You Don't Go Brush-CRAZY, Brushing The Hell Out Of Your Teeth,
You Should Be Just Fine ;)

Company: Bedrock & Bloom Product: Smart Ash Teeth-Whitener/Detoxifier
Quantity: 1g/0.03oz (Trial Size) Value: 3 USD (Sample Size)

Mermaid Hair-Spray
Great Make-Up Fixative!
I Rarely Style My Hair With Any Need For Hair-Spray Anymore.
However, Lately, Having Run Out Of Make-Up Fixative-Spray, I've Resorted To Using Alternative Sprays.
This Proved An Excellent Make-Up Fixative! ^^
The Spray Smells DIVINE!
And It's Salty :D

So Try To Avoid Spraying Your Mouth, Or You'll Have a Salty Lip-Coating x)
Don't Worry If It Happens Though; I Had No Bad Side-Effects From Accidentally Ingesting Some Of It, When Licking My Lips. :)

Company: Captain Blankenship
Product: Mermaid Sea-Salt Hair-Spray
Quantity: 1fl oz/30ml
Value: 7 USD (Sample Size)

Blemishes Be Gone
 I Tried This Not So Long Ago, But I Don't Know If I Did It Right. o.O
 The Product Didn't Have Any Directions, As To How To Use It.
I Applied It To My Face, And Later Washed It Off; All While In The Shower.
So I'm Going To Research Further.

The Product Had a Gelatinous Texture. Which Was Surprising.

Company: Juice Beauty Product: Green Apple Peel Blemish Clearning (Liquid)
Quantity: 0.25 fl oz/ 7 ml Value: 5 USD (Sample Size)

International Subscription: 30 USD (Including Shipping)

US Subscription: 15 USD (Including Shipping)
Canada Subscription: 23 USD (Including Shipping)

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