Wednesday, 4 May 2016


I Have Discovered (Through Trial and Error ^^) a Delightful Vegan Taco Alternative! :D

I Just Replaced Meat With Potatoes! ^^
And Instead Of Tortillas; I Decided To Use Hot-Dog Buns.
(After Becoming Vegan, I've Stocked Up On Hot-Dog Buns, As I've Found Them To Be a Good Vegan Snack, and Pair Well In MANY Vegan Recipe Alternatives ^^.)

I Always Research All Foods Before I Buy, All Brands.
So, I'd Recommend You Do So Too, As I Cannot' Guarantee That All Alternatives Available To You, Of The Same Type Of Products, Will Also Be Vegan and Cruelty-Free.
So Stay Vigilant, My Fellow Vegan-Foodies! ^^

Hot-Dog Bun
Taco-Spice Mix
Veggies (Like Cucumber, Salad, You Choose :)

Boil The Potatoes:
Boil The Amount of Potatoes That You Think You'll Need.
When They're All Done, Let Them Cool Of a Little Bit; Before Starting The Frying Process.

Fry The Potatoes:
Take Your Potatoes, Peel Them, And Cut Them Up Into Pieces.
Then Pour Them Over Into a Frying-Pan. (Using Sunflower-oil To Fry With, Works Well :)
Add Water (About a Small Drinking Glass Full), And Taco-Spice Mix.
(Gauge How Many Packets You Need, According To The Volume Of Potatoes You're Using.)

When Frying The Potatoes, Start Off With a Medium Level Heat, Stir, Whilst Mashing The Potato-Pieces Into a Mush Of Savoury, Spice-Mix Infused Potato-Puree.
It's Done When The Puree Is Firm (Not Watery), But Not Dry.

I've Found That This Dish Is The Yummiest, When You've Let It Set, And Let It Get Chilled.
And Then Re-Heat It Again.
THAT'S When It Gets REALLY Good! :D

The Bun & The Veggies:
Take The Bun As Is, No Need To Heat It (Leaving It Nice and Fluffy^^) Fill It Up With Potato-Puree.

Cut Up Your Regular Taco-Buddy Veggies Into Tiny Pieces That You Can Sprinkle Onto The Dish
(I Prefer Cucumber and Salad Myself ^^)
If You Want, Add Some Hot-Sauce.

And VoilĂ ! You got Yourself a VEGAN Taco! ^^

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