Wednesday, 4 May 2016

VeganCuts | BEAUTY Box | April 2016

This VeganCuts Beauty Subscription Box, April 2016 Edition
Contained 7 Items.
6/7 Items Reviewed So Far

Company: Enfusia Product: Half a Bathbomb (Sampler) Coriander & Rosewood - Fizz & Foam

  This Moisturized My Lips, as Promised.
It Was a Bit Overly Waxy For My Taste Though.
I Think I Would Have Preferred One With Taste/Scent;
It Could Compensate For The Waxyness.
That Being Said; I Really Enjoyed How Unoffensive It Was,
I Even Caught Myself Forgetting I Had It On, 
Since It Didn't Smell Or Taste Of Anything. ^^

Company: Eco Lips Product: Bee-Free Lipbalm, Unscented


a Little Does Really Go a Long Way.
 The Instructions Says You Only Need a Little Per Application,
Which Proved To Be Very True.
This Product Will Last You a Long Time;
Great Value For Your Buck.

The Product Is Very Coconut'ty In Smell.
And Oil-Serum In Texture.

Company: Cocokind Product: Organic Facial Repair Serum 

 Tiny Deodorant
 It's Very Fragrant, and a Tad Sticky and Thick.
I Think It's Gonna' Be Good as an Emergency Deo; 
That It Would Cover Up Any Bad-Pit-Day.
Company: Routine Product: 5ml Sample - Lucy In The Sky 

VEGAN Sunscreen


Sticky, But Did The Trick.
I Tried This On a VERY Very Hot, Full On Sun Day.
The Lotion Was Brown/Gray -Ish In Colour.
The Texture Of The Lotion On My Skin, Proved To Be a Tad Sticky.
It Didn't Really Absorb Into My Skin At All. 
And Remained As a Thick, Sticky Coat 
On Top Of My Skin At All Times.
It Did Protect My Skin Very Well.
No Sunburn, No Redness At All. 
Company: Goddess Garden Product: Sunscreen w/ Factor 30 



Best Nail-polish I've Ever Tried!
As Noted In Some Of My YouTube-Videos,
I Don't Like Putting On/Wearing Nail-Polish.o.O

1) It Takes FOREVER To Put On, Because The Polish Takes FOREVER To DRY, And If I Don't Wait a VERY LONG TIME.
I End Up Smudging The Nails That Are Already Painted, As I Put On Polish On Another/ Or Do Something Like... Living My Life, Doing Everyday Things. -_-
Because As I Said; NEVER DRIES.
2) The Smell Is So Overpowering (And Possibly Toxic As Fuck) That I End Up With a MAJOR Headache. -_-

3) It HURTS My Nails, Because It Feels Like It's Searing Through My Nails, Making My Skin Underneath Beat Like Crazy.
So Yeah... Not a Fan.

Because It Didn't Do Any Of Those Things! :D
- It Dried Superfast!
- The Polish Didn't Smudge or Have Weird Air-bubbles/Ripples At All! :D
 - And No Headache! ^^ (Even Though I Was Applying In Close Quarters! :D)
So Yeah, Superduper, Best Nail-Polish Ever!^^

It's a 5-FREE Nail-Polish, 
Meaning That It's Free Of 5 MAJORLY Toxic Crap 
That Is Usually In Regular, Non-Vegan Polishes. 

Company: Joshik   
Product: Cosmo Pink Creme Polish


 I'm Very Happy With This Product.
It Was Fragrant, But It Was a Very Refreshing Sort Of Scent, Which Was Nice. ^^
It Really Did Wonders With My Hair, 
Even The First Time Trying It! 
It Kept My Hair From Getting Dry and Tanglig Up In Little Balls. But It Didn't Get Greasy Whatsoever! :D
I'm VERY Impressed! ^^

Company: Marrakesh Hair Care  
Product: ENDZ

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