Thursday, 26 May 2016

VeganCuts | BEAUTY Box | May 2016

Contains 5 Items
ALL Items Reviewed!

 Facial Toner

 This Product Proved Efficient.
It Moisturized My Face, Without Leaving It Feeling Greasy.
It Was a Bit Stingy As I Applied It
(Maybe I Applied Too Much On One Area? hm... o.o)
But As Soon As It Dried, That Subsided.
I Love The Fact That It's The Full Sized Version,
Leaving Me With Plenty Of It, Now That I've Got a Newfound Appreciation For It.

It's Such a Drag Isn't It? When You Fall In Love With a Product/Like It/Want To Continue Using It.
But You Only Got a One-Time-Only Sample, So You Kind Of Can't Become "Addicted" xD
To It, Incorporating It Fully In Your Daily Routine x)

 Company: Everclén Product: Facial Toner
Quantity: 4 fl oz/118 ml Value: 15 USD (Full Size)

 Brush It All Away
I'm Sooo Soo Happy I Got This Brush!^^
It's So Easy To Use, And It's Brush-Shape, Contrary To Regular Brushes, Prevents Any Accidental
"Blobs" Of Too Excess Blush Sticking To Your Face.
It Leaves an Airbrushed Kind Of Look, Natural, And Fierce!

Company: Terre Mère Cosmetics Product: Blush Brush
Quantity: 1 Value: 34 USD (Full Size)
(50% Off Entire Purchase)
Expires June 30th 2016

Granola For Your Skin
Smell Is Divine!
I Was So Surprised When I Took a Whiff Of This, And The Smell Just Took Me On An Instant
"I Feel Like This Is What Nature, Flowers and The Outdoors, On a Sunny Day Would Smell Like, On a Grassy Patch Of Land With Goats Roaming It."
And No, Not In a Bad, Goat Poo, Bad Farm Smell.
In a Wonderful, Reassuring, Calming, At One With Nature, Next To Animals Sort Of Way! :D
Very Gentle On The Skin, Suitable For Sensitive Skin.
No Itching, and No Burning Sensations.
Very Nice Product. 

Company: The Granola Goat Product: The Amazing Face Serum
Quantity: Mini-Sampler (Small Thumb-Finger Sized)
Value: 4 USD (Sampler Size)
(10% Off Entire Purchase)
 Did Not Include An Expiry Date

 Mythical Goddess Make-Up
This Lipgloss Is Surprisingly Faint.
I'd Say This Is More Of an Add On Shine-er,
Good For Putting On On Top Of Lipstick, Just To Give It Some Extra Shine.

Company: Medusa's Make-Up
Product: Lipgloss (Siren)
Quantity: 1.5g net. wt.
Value: 9 USD (Full Size)

This Is a Surprise Item;
Meaning Subscribers Of This Box Received 1 of 3 Surprise-Options. 
This Item Arrived All Wrapped Up Cute Gift-Wrapper, Being a Surprise And All^^
 I Received The Lipgloss From Medusa's Make-Up
Others Might Have Gotten a "Bold Blush" or a "Warm Bronzer"
From The Same Brand. 

I Get a Chubby For Them Scrubs xD

 This Product Was Very Nice.
I Tried It In The Shower, And I Used It As an Overall Body-Scrub.
It Smelled SO GOOD! ^^
It Was Gentle, It Absorbed Well Into My Skin,
It Wasn't Greasy, It Was Like a Soft Coat Of Silk, With Great Dead-Skin Removing Pebbles. ^^
I Like It Very Much! ^^

P.S: When Extracting The Content Out Of The Container, I'd Recommend Holding It Under The Water, Whilst Dipping Your Finger In There; To Get It Out.
And You're All Set :)
You Don't Have To Use A Lot In Each Go;
One Small Chubby Lasts At Least 3 Showers For Me. :)

Company: Molly Rose Product: Body Scrub Chubbie (Grapefruit Basil)
Quantity: 1 Chubbie (approx. tealight-sized)
Value: 2 USD (Sampler-Size)
(20% OFF Orders Over 20 USD) 

Expires 31st of August 2016

Standard 22.95 USD per Month
International Subscription: +Shipping 15 USD
US Subscription: FREE SHIPPING
Canadian Subscription: +Shipping 9 USD
Box Comes With a Coupon of 10% OFF Of Any 50 USD or More Purchase 
From Their Own Shop
(Where They Sell Items Previously Featured, and Other Vegan Products)
Expires the 10th of June 2016

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