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VeganCuts | SNACK Box | May 2016

This VeganCuts Snacks Subscription Box, May Edition 2016
Contains 13 Items
6/13 Items Reviewed So Far

 Cocoa Loco!
Company: Enjoy Life Foods
Product: Cocoa Loco Chewy Bar
Quantity: 1 Bar (28g)
Value: 0,89 USD
Coupon: YES | Valid International
Get 1.00 USD Off Of Any One Item Purchased,
Retailing Over 3 USD

Made With Love

I Gave This To My Mother.
She Says It Was Very Good.
She Felt It Had a Round, Savoury Kind Of Taste; With Distinct Cinnamon, Fruity, Nutty, Coco-Nutty Kind Of Flavours.
To Quote Her Directly;
"It Was So Savoury! The PERFECT Flavour Ratio and Ingredient Combo!"

Company: Ginny Bakes
Product: GinnyBar (Nut Fruit)
Quantity: 1 Bar (1.23 oz/35g)
Value: Unknown

 Spicy and Fresh! ^^
This Popcorn Tasted Very Good; The Jalapenõs Really Made The Flavour POP! ^^
But It Wasn't Unpleasantly Spicy, The Flavour Of The Pepper Itself Shone Through, and They Tasted Like Regular Popcorn, Laced in Jalapenõ-Butter ^^
I'd Definitely Recommend! ^^

Company: SkinnyPop Product: Jalapeño Popcorn
Quantity: 1 Bag (0.15oz/14g)
Value: 4.29 USD


Company: EatWhatever
Product: 2 Steps To Kissable Breath
Quantity: 1 Individual Pack
(contains: 1 gel cap, 1 mint)
Value: 0.3 USD

Minty Chocolate Cookies

 Surprisingly Yummy! :D
I've Recently Had Some Bad Experiences With Chocolate-Mint Mixtures, So Imagine My Sheer Delight, When I Tasted These, And They Were Absolutely Scrumptious! ^^

The Cookies Were Small, Bite-Sized;
Perfectly Sized Really.
They Had a Perfect Combo of
Chocolate-Cookie and Mint.
And I Am So Impressed; The Mint Wasn't Overpowering; It Was Perfectly Balanced With The Chocolate-Batter.

I SO Want More Of These!^^

Company: HomeFree
Product: Chocolate Mint Cookies
Quantity: 1 Single-Serving Pack (0.95 oz/27g)
Value: 0.88 USD

Granola Clusters
Company: Lazy Susan's
Product: Granola Cluster (Cranberry Chocolate Chip)
Quantity: 1 Pack (1/3 Cup/35g)
Value: Unknown

 Dang, Dang, The Witch Is Dead
 Love The Flavour!
I Really Love The Flavour Of These!
Sadly, However, Me Not Being Particularly Find Of The Taste Of Coconuts,
The Aftertaste Of Coconuts Was a Downer For Me.

I Wish They Could Have One, With The Same Flavour, But Without Being Coconut-Chips.
That Would Be Perfect For Me. x)

Company: Dang Product: Coconut-Chips (Chili-Lime)
Quantity: 1 Pack (1.43oz/40g)
Value: 2.3 USD

Granola Bar

Company: Earnest Eats Product: Chewy Granola Bar (Power Grains & Flax)
Quantity: 1 Bar (1.2oz/35g)
Value: 0.99 USD

 I Went To Foodie-Heaven!
These Were SO GOOD, That I LITERALLY, Licked The Bag Clean Of It's Contents! xD
It Tasted Exactly Like a Norwegian Non-Vegan Snack Called Potato-Sticks.
And I've Missed Them!
These Outshone Them, Above And Beyond!
I Think It Must Be The Ingredients, They Must Be Better In These Chips,
Because, Contrary To Their Non-Vegan, Norwegian Counterpart;
NO TUMMY-ACHES After Eating These! :D

I Seriously Want To Find Out How To Order Me More Of These, 
And Have Them Shipped To Norway; They're THAT GOOD! :D

Company: Beanfields Product: Pico De Gallo Bean & Rice Chips
Quantity: 1 Pack (1.5oz/43g)
Value: 1.25 USD

 Got My MOJO Back!
Company: Made In Nature
Product: Cuban Mojo (Ancient Grain Fusion)
Quantity: 1 Pack (8oz/227g)
Value: 3.99 USD

Chocolate Shake

Company: Vibrant Health
Product: Chocolate Crème Matcha Tea
Quantity: 1 Single-Serving Packet (5g/0.176oz)
Value: 1.00 USD

Oat Drink
 Good PlantMilk.
I Used This Product In One Of My CookBook-Adventure Dishes.
It Served Excellently As a Plant-Milk.
No Strange Aftertastes. Blended Right In,
and Mixed Perfectly With The Other Ingredients.

Company:  Pacific Foods
Product: Organic Oat Drink ORIGIAL
Quantity: 1 (8 fl. oz/240ml)
Value: 0.79 USD
Coupon: YES | Only Valid For US Customers
Get 1.00 Off Of Any Purchase Of Their Products of 32oz

Some Cold Ass Coffee
 Company: High Brew Coffee Product: Dairy-Free Black & Bold
Quantity: 1 Can (8 fl oz/236ml)
Value: 3.75 USD

Standard 22.95 per Month
International Subscription: + Shipping 15 USD

US Subscription: FREE SHIPPING
Canadian Subscription: + Shipping 9 USD
Coupon YES | Valid International
Each Box Comes With a Coupon Code That Applies To
The Subscription Box Company's Own Shop

You Get 10% OFF The Entire Puchase, When Ordering For 50 USD or More
Expires Jun 30th 2016

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