Thursday, 12 May 2016

VeganTuck | ULTIMATE Box | May 2016

 This VeganTuck ULTIMATE Subscription Box, May 2016 Edition
Contains 10 Items.

 Cost: £ 16.50,- + Shipping
(N.B: This Company Also Offers a Smaller Monthly Box That Costs Less)

10p of EVERY Box Sold This Month Is DONATED To The Calf Sanctuary.
The Lease of Their Facilities, Where They Keep and Care For The Animals,
Has NOT Been Renewed, And They Are Raising Money To Build New Facilities ASAP!

ALL Items Reviewed!


This Was Very Good.
It Tasted Fresh, It Was Yummy; And It Had a Rich Flavour.
It Really Felt Like It Was Just Made From Scratch! ^^

Company: Great Food Affairs
Product: Bruschetta - Garlic & Parsley
Value: £ 1.49,-
Quantity: 150g

This Was Okay.
I'm Not a Fan of Peanut-Butter, But I Do LOVE Pistachio Nuts :D
So I Was 50/50, Going In, Weather Or Not I'd Like This.

It Was Okay.
I Really Like My Pistachio-Nuts Salty, And It Lacked That.
But Compared To Peanut-Butter; It Was Waaay Better.
I Think This Is Perfect For People Who Prefer Their Pistachio-Nuts Unsalted :)
The Nut In Itself, Plain, Is What This Tastes Like.
Only In Nougat/Cream Form ^^

Company: Nutural World Product: Pistachio Butter
Value: £ 2.50,-
Quantity: 35g


 Perfect For Raisin-Lovers.
I've Never Been a Fan Of Raisins.
And This Had a Distinct Raisin
Kind Of Taste To It.

But I Think, For Anyone Who Likes Raisins, Out Of Dried Fruit In Particular, This Will Be a Go-To-Snack From Them! ^^

Company: Pulsin 
Product: Blackcurrant & Apple Oat Bar
Value: £ 0.50,-
Quantity: 25g

Chocolate Croissant

 Not My Cup Of Tea.
The Croissant Was Bitter; Sour In Smell and Flavour.
And Not To My Personal Liking.

Another Thing;
In the Picture, The Croissant Looks "Stuffed" With Chocolate Throughout It's Inside.
Mine Was Nothing Like The Picture.
Instead Of Having Baked The Chocolate Into The Inside Of The Croissant; There Were 3 Small Pucture-Holes On The Top Of It.
Clearly From Inserting Chocolate There.
Problem Is; The Holes Were The ONLY Part Of The Pastry With Any Chocolate In It.

Company: Probios
GoVegan Chocolate Croissant
Value: £ 1.00,-
Quantity: 45g


Have You Ever Smelled Sage?
That's What This reminded Me Of, Flavour-wise.
I'm Not Much of a Beetroot Kind Of Gal Myself,
And The Sage Flavour Isn't My Kind Of Thing Either.
GOOD THING My Mom Loves All Those Things! ^^
I Gave Them To Her; And She Liked Them. :)
Very Much ^^

Company: Saf Express  
Product: Beetroot & Horseradish Crackers

Value: £ 2.99,-
Quantity: 44g

Strawberry Wafer Crunch
 One Of The BEST Things I've EVER Tasted! :D
The Inside Of This Classy, Fabulous Packaging, Surprised Me, By Being a White Chocolate Bar. ^^
And It Was PINK! :D
Made Of Rice, And Infused With Yummy Strawberries, This Really BLEW MY MIND! :D
It Tasted Exactly Like Strawberry, Milky, Ice-Cream! :D
I Am SO Getting Myself Some More Of These!
10 Out Of 10 Yummy Childhood-Strawberry-Ice-Cream-Memories! :D

Company: Vivani Product: Strawberry Wafer Bar
Value: £ 1.00,-
Quantity: 35g

Chocolate Thins

These Were Tasty :)
They Remind Me Of Dark Chocolates That Are Infused With Orange-Flavour.

They Are Very Elegant, Both The Chocolates Themselves, And The Packaging.

I'd Imagine They'd Be Perfect As a Side-Treat To Any Tea-Party. Very Hercule Poirot, 1930's Classy. ;)

Company: Sweet Virtues
Product: Chocolate Halo Thins
(Yerba Mate & Lemon)
Value: £ 3.95,-
Quantity: Min 40g

Nougat Pralines
 My Second Bag Of Nougat-Pralines This Month!^^
Good Thing They're Yummy. ;)

They Are Not a Chain-Eat-The-Whole-Bag In One Sitting.
They Will Last A While.
Not Because They're Not Savoury, But Because
They Are So Rich and Powerful In Flavour.

They Taste Of Fine Nougat; They Melt In Your Mouth. :)

Company: Vego Product: Feine Nougat Pralines
Value: £ 4.50,-
Quantity: 180g

Snappea Sticks

I Was So Blown Away By These.
They Taste Exactly Like German-Spiced Sausages! :D

So Savoury, So Delish;
I Had To Really Restrain Myself; So I Wouldn't Just Chow Them Down In One Go! ^^

Company: Yushoi
Snapea Rice Sticks
(Smoked Salt & Szechuan Pepper)
Value: £ 1.99,-
Quantity: 21g

Vegan Twix
 Not My Thing, But Okay.
I Wasn't a Big Twix-Fan As a Non-Vegan, So This Wasn't Really My Cup Of Tea.

But I Do Believe, For any Twix-Lovers Gone Vegans Out There;
This Will Be Their New Fav Chocolate-Bar! ;)

Company: Go Max Go Foods Product: 2'Fer Bar
Value:£ 2.00,-
Quantity: 43g

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