Thursday, 30 June 2016

Cook-Book Travels | Vegan Food At It's Best

To My Mother's Great Delight; 
I Will Be Embargoing On a Vegan Cooking Adventure, To Fill My Day To Day.
I've Decided To Try Out The Recipes In This Norwegian Vegan-Cookbook, Titled 
"Vegan Food At It's Best" by Jane H. Johansen

My Mother, As I Said, Is Over The Moon About This,
As Dinner On The Table, 
When She Comes Home After a Hard Day Of Working At The Hospital.
Getting To Try New and Exciting Recipes All The Time As Well.
Sounds Pretty Awesome. ^^

I'll Be Documenting All About How The Dishes Turn Out,
If The Recipes Were Easy To Follow, If I Mess Up (It's Bound To Happen I Think xD)
And What I Think Of The Dish Itself, Once Done.
Maybe I'll Add My Own Tweaks To The Recipes, According To My Tastebuds,
What Vegan Ingredients Will I Be Using. Etc.
All Shall Be Documented On This Blog!^^

(I SO Feel Like Julie Powell In The "Julie & Julia" Story (Turned Movie)
Trying To Overcome All These Recipes xD)


Monday, 27 June 2016

Petit Vour | BEAUTY Box | June 2016

This Petit Vour Subscription Box, June 2016 Edition
Contains 4 Items

2/4 Items Reviewed So Far

Protecting Moisturizer
Company: Juice Beauty Product: Green Apple Brightening SPF 15 Moisturizer
Quantity: Sample-Size (0.5fl.oz/15ml) Value: 18,- USD

Leave-In Conditioner
 Smells Devine, Works Wonders
Naturally, With Any Leave In Concoction For Hair-Only, I Was a Little Bit Concerned It Might Me Sticky, Should Some Accidentally Land On My Skin.
I Was Pleasantly Surprised, Because Inevitably Some Did Land On My Skin
(And Probably My Couch xD)
And No Stickiness Whatsoever! :D

The Smell Is Gorgeous; Reminding Me of a Faint, Unoffensive Ladies Perfume.
Very Nice Indeed! ^^

As Efficiency Goes; It Instantly Did Wonders On My Tougher Hair That Tangles Easily.
Softening It All Up, Making It a Breeze To Comb Through. No Snags Whatsoever Either! :D
I'm Very Impressed With This Product! ^^
BIG YES From Me! ^^

Company: EVOLVh Product: SmartVolume Leave-In Conditioner
Quantity: 1 Conditioner-Bottle, Travel-Sized (59ml/2fl.oz) Value: 11,- USD

Lip Colour Protection
 I Received Two Samples In Small Thimble-Sized Containers,
And a Small Plastic Applier-Brush.
I Received The Variants "Sunny Blush" and "Sunrise Peach".
The Sunny Blush Was a Perfect Colour For Me. The Sunrise Peach Was a Bit Too Yellow-y.
The Lipsticks Were Very Creamy and Easy To Apply.
However They Didn't Saturate Well On my Lips,
and The Brush Lines Were Very Apparent,

Maybe It's Different In Stick-Form.

Company: Suntegrity Product: Sunscreen Lipstick, Lip C.P.R
Quantity: 2 Small Samplers, 1 Mini Applier-Brush Value: 5,- USD

Skin Elixir
Company: Precious Skin Elixirs Product: Sea Pearl Exfoliating Clay
Quantity: Sample-Size (0.5oz/15ml) Value: 4.50,- USD

With Every Box Purchased You Earn Points That Will Give Your Great Discounts, If You Want To Purchase More Of Or Full-Sized Versions Of Products You've Received, In Their Shop.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

VeganCuts | SNACK Box | June 2016

This VeganCuts Snacks Subscription Box, June 2016 Edition
Contains 10 Items
3 Coupons 
ALL Items Reviewed!

Unicorn Cookies

Three Cookies Was Not Enough! xD

It Tasted Like Very Nice Vanilla Cookies,
Without Any Bad Aftertastes.

Company: Tasty Brand Product: Organic Sandwich Cookies, Vanilla Cupcake
Quantity: 1 Single Serving Pack (3 Cookies) Value: 1.19,- USD

Chia From Ecuador
 I Like This.
I Was Very Surprised To Find That I Like This.
It's So Refreshing-Tasting, Like The Way Fresh Air and Pure Nature Smells,
That's What This Tastes Like.
It's Got This AMAZING-Effect
It REALLY Opened Up My Tastebuds,
Like It Just CLEANSED Them, And Woke Them Up.
It's Really Bizarre xD
Anyways; All For This!^^

Company: KunaChia Product: Chia Shot
Quantity: 1 Shot Pack (10g/0.35oz) Value: ca. 1.09,- USD

Organic Energy-Drink
 The Taste Is Very Artificial.
I've Definitely Discovered That I Don't Like
The American Way Of Making Sugary Things;
Using That Overly-Sweet Syrup Stuff.
Not a Fan. o.O

It Also Left Me With That Unpleasant Forced Adrenalin Feeling
That Many Energy-Drinks Give You.
I Feel Overheated, Flushed, and Uncomfortable.

Company: Guru Product: Organic Energy Drink, RED
Quantity: 1 Can (8 fl.oz/250ml) Value: 2.04,- USD

Award-Winning Rice Crackers
 These Taste Okay At First.
It Tastes Like Nice, Salty, Puffy, Crunchy Chips.
But Then There's a Lingering Aftertaste That I Don't Like.
The Aftertaste Is Very Grainy and Stale.

Company: Laiki Rice Crackers Product: Black Rice Crackers
Quantity: 1 Snack Pack (0.74oz/21g) Value: 1.25,- USD

Spicy Bombay!
 Not For Me.
The Taste Of This Is Very Peculiar.
On The One Hand It Doesn't Really Taste Like Much, And On The Other Hand, The Taste That's Actually There Is Very Dry, Powdery.
The Spices, The Way They Smell/Taste Actually Remind Me Of BO. (BodyOdor)
At Least That's What It Tastes Like To Me.
So Yeah, Not My Thing.

Company: Spiced & Infused Product: Popcorn, Bombay Seasoning
Quantity: 1 Pack (1.1oz/31g) Value: 1.25,- USD

Salty Kale
 Too Little Salt, Too Much Kale.
I'm a Big Fan of Rutabaga/Potato -Mash.
But I've Never Been a Fan Of The Aftertaste That Dish Leaves In My Mouth.
This Chip Tastes Like That Aftertaste.
a Dry Version Of It.

Company: Simply7 Product: Kale Chips, Sea Salt
Quantity: 1 Pack (0.8oz/23g) Value: 3.15,- USD

Italiano Seitan'o!
 Very Impressed!
This Was WAY Better Than My Experience With Tofu.
I Was a Little Skeptical To The Smell Of The Product, As I Opened The Package.
But Some Frying and Spices Made It All Okay. 
In Addition To The Pre-Spicedness, I Added Some Extra Salt, Pepper and Dried Basil.
I Fried It Up In a Saucepan; Using Extra-Virgin Olive-Oil.

It Turned Out Great.
Especially With Rice!

Company: Pacific Product: Organic Seitan, Italian Herb
Quantity: 1 Carton (12oz/340g) Value: 4.77,- USD
1.00,- USD OFF Any Seitan Product
1.00,- USD OFF Any Non-Dairy Beverage

Chocolate Cereal
 Like Weetos, But Better!
When I Was a Kid, I Used To Eat My Fair Share Of Weetos.
This Definitely Reminds Me Of That.
Not Just The Shape, But Also The Taste.
The Only Difference Is That This Tastes Fresher and More Chocolate-y. ^^
I Think This Would Definitely Be a Hit With Kid Cereal-Eaters,
And It's a Healthier Option!^^

Company: Love Grown Product: Power O's Cereal, Chocolate
Quantity: 1 Travel-Sized Pack (1.1oz/30g) Value: 0.67,- USD
1.00,- USD OFF Any Product

Dried Coconut

 I Gave This Product To My Mother.
As I Am No Fan Of The Taste Of Coconut.
 Inside, There Are Little Dried Shavings Of Coconut.
They Smell Fresh, Just Like Regular Coconut
Upon Tasting It, My Mother Declared That It Was Good;
Tasted Like Regular Coconut, Only Dried.
She Wouldn't Go Out Of Her Way To Get This Product.
But It Was An Okay Thing To Snack On, Being That It Was Already Here.

Company: Next Organics Product: Dried Coconut
Quantity: 1 Pack (6oz/170g) Value: 8.33,- USD

 Like a Freezy-Pop!
This Tasted So Much Like an Orange-Flavoured Popsicle.
Very Fresh-Tasting, And Not Artificial At All.
Very Nice as a Meal/Snack/Dessert.
It Was Surprisingly Gelatinous.

Company: Fruigees Product: Organic Fruit Snack, 24 Carrot Orange
Quantity: 1 Pack (3.5oz/99g) Value: 1.79,- USD

Saturday, 25 June 2016

VeganCuts | BEAUTY Box | June 2016

This VeganCuts Beauty Subscription Box, June 2016 Edition
Contains 6 Items

1/6 Items Reviewed So Far

Laguna Beach Lips
I Can't  Stress Enough Just How Taken I Am With This! :D
First Off; It Smells Like Yummy Candy; Not Too Sweet, Not Artificial; Just YUM!
The Colour I Received Is a Match Made In Heaven For My Lips, I LOVE It! :D
I Really Like How The Product Dries On My Lips, But It Doesn't Dry Them Out,
Leaving Them With a Matte Finish, Not Sticky, Yet Just Moist Enough To Not Be Too Dry.
Also Worth mentioning; I Have Sensitive Skin, And No Irritation Whatsoever! ^^
This Product Is Just So Amazing All Around! ^^

Company: Ofra Product: Long-Lasting Liquid Lipstick, Laguna Beach
Quantity: 8g/27fl.oz Value: 19.90,- USD

Make-Up de Couture
Company: Mai Couture Product: Blotting Paper, Revitalize Oil Vitamin C + E
Quantity: 100 Sheets (3.9x2.6in pr. Sheet) Value: 12,- USD

Bamboo-Charcoal Facial
Company: Clarisea Product: Rapid Detox Charcoal Exfoliant
Quantity: 1oz/30g (Mini-Sample) Value: 3,- USD

Charcoal Sponge
Company: PureSOL Product: Konjac Bamboo Charcoal Facial Sponge
Quantity: 1 Sponge (Full-Size) Value: 10,- USD

Perfume In a Can

Company: Glow For A Cause Product: Perfume, Wish
Quantity: 0.4oz/11g Value: 18,- USD

Company: DeVita Product: Solar Protective Moisturizer
Quantity: Sample-Size (0.5oz/15ml.e) Value: 5,- USD

Monday, 20 June 2016

Alpro Dark Chocolate Dessert + Frozen Raspberries = LOVE

I Just Tried My First Alpro Soy Dessert; The Dark Chocolate One.
I Mixed With Frozen Raspberries; And YUM! ^^
The Frozen Raspberries Chill The Dessert, Making It Even Yummier On a Hot Summer Day! ^^
The Dark Chocolate Soy Dessert Itself, Tastes Very Good.
It's Got The Hot Chocolate Kind Of Chocolate, Taste To It.
I'm Impressed! ^^

This Is a Very Easy and Affordable Dessert, The Alpro Package Comes With Four Containers.
One Container Is Enough For a Large Portion.
Just Get Some Frozen Raspberries; Squish Them Into The Container, Mix It Together, 
and ENJOY! ^^

Company: Alpro Product: Soy Dessert, Dark Chocolate

Wednesday, 15 June 2016


 My Latest Monthly VEGAN FAVS! :D
I Wanna' Know ALL ABOUT IT! :D 

Sunday, 12 June 2016

VeganTuck | ULTIMATE Box | June 2016

This VeganTuck ULTIMATE Subscription Box, June 2016 Edition
Contains 12 Items.

This ULTIMATE Box Costs 16.50,- GBP per.month. + Shipping
The Smaller VARIETY Option Costs 9.50,- GBP per.month + Shipping

9/12 Items Reviewed So Far

For Every Box Sold This Month, VeganTuck Donates To This Non-Profit.
This Month Is a little Bit Special; as The Vegan Approach Isn't Just a Vegan Organization, It's The Sister Non-Profit Outreach Group Of The VeganTuck Subscription Box Service. 
The Group Is Helping People Become Vegan, Through an Experiment Where Participants Who Sign Up Are Agreeing To Try Veganism For a Month.
The Group Organize a Free Food Fair, Talks, Films Etc. To Help The People Participating.

Angelically Sticky
Currently No Pictures Available Of Item As It Is BRAND NEW! :D
Us Subscribers Are THE FIRST Who Get To Try The Newest Product From This Brand!

I'm Not a Date, or Prune Kinda' Girl.
That Being Said; The Cake Was Not Offensive, Even To My Taste-buds.
It Was Wonderfully Moist, Very Homemade, Fresh-Tasting.

I Did End Up Giving This Product To My Mother; She Loves All That Date/Prune Tastes ^^
I'll Update On Her Take On, It When She's Had a Bite. ;)

Company: AngelicGlutenFree Product: Sticky Date & Oat Slices (Cake)
Quantity: 1 Tray Packet (5 Slices, Each Approx 3,5cm in Lenght, 2cm in Width, 1cm in Thickness)
Value: 2.85,- GBP

Earth Bars
Very Nutty.
This Had a Definite Coconut Meets Caramelized Nuts Taste To It.
The Inside Doesn't Quite Taste Like Caramel But It Feels Just Like It When You Bite Down On It.
It's Also Got Big Nuts (Don't Know What Kind) On The Top Of The Bar.
All Of The Bar Is Covered With Chocolate. The Chocolate Bit Was Very Nice.
It Wasn't Bad, But It's Just
Not Quite My Cup Of Tea.

Company: Sjaak's Organic Chocolates Product: Eli's Earth Bars Celebrate Bar
Quantity: 1 Bar (1.5 oz/42.5g) Value: 2,- GBP

Chocolate-Chip Almond Bar
 This Wasn't For Me.
It Was a Bit Bitter, and a Bit Too Sour Dough-y For My Taste.

My Mother's View:
It Tasted Like Chocolate, Almonds and Dates; 
And She Thought It Was Very Yummy.
She Says It Was Very Easy To Consume; Easy To Break Up Into Smaller Pieces.

Company: Planet Organic (Chiamp) Product: Almond Butter & Choc Chip Raw Bar
Quantity: 1 Bar (50g/1.7oz) Value: 1.99,- GBP

Vegan Coca-Cola
This Tasted Like Regular Cola, But More Citrus-y.
I Was Pleasantly Surprised; Seeing As I Usually Cannot' Drink Cola; As It Makes Me Ill.
My Joints Start Hurting; I Can't Sleep. It's Pretty Bad.
So Needless To Say; I Was More Than Apprehensive When I Tried This.
This Cola Didn't Make Me Sick At All.
It Was Refreshing. It Was Okay Tasting.
It Did Go a Bit Dull After Sitting In The Air For a While.
But All And All; Good Cola.

Company: Gusto Product: Gusto Cola (Green Can)
Quantity: 1 Can (250ml) Value: 1.19,- GBP

Nick Jonas 
Isn't The Only One Who Gets JEALOUS
 These Were a Box Of Surprises!
I Found That There Were a Few Different Flavours, 
And Since They All Pretty Much Have The Same Colour, 
It Was a Surprise-Taste-Adventure Every Time. ;)

I Liked The Ones That Leaned More Towards Tasting Like Actual, Natural Fruit, Over The Ones That Tasted More Artificial. The Artificial-Tasting Ones Reminded Me Of Jelly Beans 
(You Know, The Brand) How They Taste.
Company: Jealous Sweets Product: Sour Beans
Quantity: Treat Box (50g/1.76oz) Value: 2.50,- GBP

Coffee-"Milk" To Go
 I Gave This To My Mother.
Perfect For Her Emergency Tea. ;)

Company: Champion (The Progressive Food Company) Product: Soya Milk Substitute Pot
Quantity: 1 Pot (12g/0.4oz) Value: 0.20,- GBP


This Is One Of THE BEST Chocolates I've EVER Had!
It Tastes just Like The Chocolate At The Bottom Of IceCream Cones! :D

Company: MooFree Product: Caramelized Hazelnut Nibs Bar
Quantity: 1 Bar (100g/3.52oz) Value: 2.65,- GBP

Nut On Nut Crime
 I Was So Surprised When I Opened This.
The "Popcorns" (I'm Not Sure What They Are Made Of, But They're Not Regular Corn Popcorn) Were ORANGE! :D
The Combo of Maple and Smoked Paprika Was a New Experience For Me.
I'm Left Quite Puzzled; The Sweetness of the Maple Combined With the Smoked Paprika Flavour, Was Very Unique...?
Not Quite My Kinda' "Thang", But, Not Bad Either.

Company: Nuto Product: The Popped Seed Maple & Smoked Paprika "Popcorn"
Quantity: 1 Packet (23g/0.8oz) Value: 1.49,- GBP

Mint Me!
When I Opened The Green Compact Package, What Revealed Itself To Me Was:
a Chocolate Covered Bun, Made Up Of Cookie On The Bottom, Then Biscuit, and Then  Marshmallow In The Centre, All Topped Off  With a Chocolate Cover,
Covering All Of It Into a Delicious Bun.
The Mint, I Suspect, Has Been Baked Into The Cookie.
It's Just a REALLY Good Combo! ^^
Lovin' It! ^^

Company: Ananda Foods Product: Mint Me Waggon Wheel
Quantity: 1 Pack (80g/2.82oz) Value: 2.50,- GBP

Crack That Pepper!
 This Was Very Much To My Liking;
It Was a Robust, Grilled Seasoning Kind Of Taste.
They Had a Good, Solid Crunch To Them; No Limpies Here! ;D
Very Yummy. ^^ 
and Very Savoury.

Company: Ten Acre Product: When The Pepper Crack'd, Hand Cooked Crisps
Quantity: 1 Bag (40g/1.4oz) Value: 0.80,- GBP

Rice Cream
Company: Probios (Rice&Rice) Product: Rice Cuisine 
Quantity: 1 Carton (200ml/6.7 fl.oz) Value: 1.49,- GBP

 I Don't Drink Warm Beverages.
There's No Smell,
That Might tip Me Off As To What This Mysterious Emergency Tea Might Taste Like. 

My Mom Was Really Delighted When I Presented her With This.
Perfect For Her New Job At The Hospital! ^^
Pun Intended! :D

Company: The TeaShed Product: Emergency Tea
Quantity: 1 Single Serving Sampler Value: Unknown