Monday, 20 June 2016

Alpro Dark Chocolate Dessert + Frozen Raspberries = LOVE

I Just Tried My First Alpro Soy Dessert; The Dark Chocolate One.
I Mixed With Frozen Raspberries; And YUM! ^^
The Frozen Raspberries Chill The Dessert, Making It Even Yummier On a Hot Summer Day! ^^
The Dark Chocolate Soy Dessert Itself, Tastes Very Good.
It's Got The Hot Chocolate Kind Of Chocolate, Taste To It.
I'm Impressed! ^^

This Is a Very Easy and Affordable Dessert, The Alpro Package Comes With Four Containers.
One Container Is Enough For a Large Portion.
Just Get Some Frozen Raspberries; Squish Them Into The Container, Mix It Together, 
and ENJOY! ^^

Company: Alpro Product: Soy Dessert, Dark Chocolate

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