Thursday, 30 June 2016

Cook-Book Travels | Vegan Food At It's Best

To My Mother's Great Delight; 
I Will Be Embargoing On a Vegan Cooking Adventure, To Fill My Day To Day.
I've Decided To Try Out The Recipes In This Norwegian Vegan-Cookbook, Titled 
"Vegan Food At It's Best" by Jane H. Johansen

My Mother, As I Said, Is Over The Moon About This,
As Dinner On The Table, 
When She Comes Home After a Hard Day Of Working At The Hospital.
Getting To Try New and Exciting Recipes All The Time As Well.
Sounds Pretty Awesome. ^^

I'll Be Documenting All About How The Dishes Turn Out,
If The Recipes Were Easy To Follow, If I Mess Up (It's Bound To Happen I Think xD)
And What I Think Of The Dish Itself, Once Done.
Maybe I'll Add My Own Tweaks To The Recipes, According To My Tastebuds,
What Vegan Ingredients Will I Be Using. Etc.
All Shall Be Documented On This Blog!^^

(I SO Feel Like Julie Powell In The "Julie & Julia" Story (Turned Movie)
Trying To Overcome All These Recipes xD)


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