Monday, 27 June 2016

Petit Vour | BEAUTY Box | June 2016

This Petit Vour Subscription Box, June 2016 Edition
Contains 4 Items

2/4 Items Reviewed So Far

Protecting Moisturizer
Company: Juice Beauty Product: Green Apple Brightening SPF 15 Moisturizer
Quantity: Sample-Size (0.5fl.oz/15ml) Value: 18,- USD

Leave-In Conditioner
 Smells Devine, Works Wonders
Naturally, With Any Leave In Concoction For Hair-Only, I Was a Little Bit Concerned It Might Me Sticky, Should Some Accidentally Land On My Skin.
I Was Pleasantly Surprised, Because Inevitably Some Did Land On My Skin
(And Probably My Couch xD)
And No Stickiness Whatsoever! :D

The Smell Is Gorgeous; Reminding Me of a Faint, Unoffensive Ladies Perfume.
Very Nice Indeed! ^^

As Efficiency Goes; It Instantly Did Wonders On My Tougher Hair That Tangles Easily.
Softening It All Up, Making It a Breeze To Comb Through. No Snags Whatsoever Either! :D
I'm Very Impressed With This Product! ^^
BIG YES From Me! ^^

Company: EVOLVh Product: SmartVolume Leave-In Conditioner
Quantity: 1 Conditioner-Bottle, Travel-Sized (59ml/2fl.oz) Value: 11,- USD

Lip Colour Protection
 I Received Two Samples In Small Thimble-Sized Containers,
And a Small Plastic Applier-Brush.
I Received The Variants "Sunny Blush" and "Sunrise Peach".
The Sunny Blush Was a Perfect Colour For Me. The Sunrise Peach Was a Bit Too Yellow-y.
The Lipsticks Were Very Creamy and Easy To Apply.
However They Didn't Saturate Well On my Lips,
and The Brush Lines Were Very Apparent,

Maybe It's Different In Stick-Form.

Company: Suntegrity Product: Sunscreen Lipstick, Lip C.P.R
Quantity: 2 Small Samplers, 1 Mini Applier-Brush Value: 5,- USD

Skin Elixir
Company: Precious Skin Elixirs Product: Sea Pearl Exfoliating Clay
Quantity: Sample-Size (0.5oz/15ml) Value: 4.50,- USD

With Every Box Purchased You Earn Points That Will Give Your Great Discounts, If You Want To Purchase More Of Or Full-Sized Versions Of Products You've Received, In Their Shop.

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