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VeganCuts | SNACK Box | June 2016

This VeganCuts Snacks Subscription Box, June 2016 Edition
Contains 10 Items
3 Coupons 
ALL Items Reviewed!

Unicorn Cookies

Three Cookies Was Not Enough! xD

It Tasted Like Very Nice Vanilla Cookies,
Without Any Bad Aftertastes.

Company: Tasty Brand Product: Organic Sandwich Cookies, Vanilla Cupcake
Quantity: 1 Single Serving Pack (3 Cookies) Value: 1.19,- USD

Chia From Ecuador
 I Like This.
I Was Very Surprised To Find That I Like This.
It's So Refreshing-Tasting, Like The Way Fresh Air and Pure Nature Smells,
That's What This Tastes Like.
It's Got This AMAZING-Effect
It REALLY Opened Up My Tastebuds,
Like It Just CLEANSED Them, And Woke Them Up.
It's Really Bizarre xD
Anyways; All For This!^^

Company: KunaChia Product: Chia Shot
Quantity: 1 Shot Pack (10g/0.35oz) Value: ca. 1.09,- USD

Organic Energy-Drink
 The Taste Is Very Artificial.
I've Definitely Discovered That I Don't Like
The American Way Of Making Sugary Things;
Using That Overly-Sweet Syrup Stuff.
Not a Fan. o.O

It Also Left Me With That Unpleasant Forced Adrenalin Feeling
That Many Energy-Drinks Give You.
I Feel Overheated, Flushed, and Uncomfortable.

Company: Guru Product: Organic Energy Drink, RED
Quantity: 1 Can (8 fl.oz/250ml) Value: 2.04,- USD

Award-Winning Rice Crackers
 These Taste Okay At First.
It Tastes Like Nice, Salty, Puffy, Crunchy Chips.
But Then There's a Lingering Aftertaste That I Don't Like.
The Aftertaste Is Very Grainy and Stale.

Company: Laiki Rice Crackers Product: Black Rice Crackers
Quantity: 1 Snack Pack (0.74oz/21g) Value: 1.25,- USD

Spicy Bombay!
 Not For Me.
The Taste Of This Is Very Peculiar.
On The One Hand It Doesn't Really Taste Like Much, And On The Other Hand, The Taste That's Actually There Is Very Dry, Powdery.
The Spices, The Way They Smell/Taste Actually Remind Me Of BO. (BodyOdor)
At Least That's What It Tastes Like To Me.
So Yeah, Not My Thing.

Company: Spiced & Infused Product: Popcorn, Bombay Seasoning
Quantity: 1 Pack (1.1oz/31g) Value: 1.25,- USD

Salty Kale
 Too Little Salt, Too Much Kale.
I'm a Big Fan of Rutabaga/Potato -Mash.
But I've Never Been a Fan Of The Aftertaste That Dish Leaves In My Mouth.
This Chip Tastes Like That Aftertaste.
a Dry Version Of It.

Company: Simply7 Product: Kale Chips, Sea Salt
Quantity: 1 Pack (0.8oz/23g) Value: 3.15,- USD

Italiano Seitan'o!
 Very Impressed!
This Was WAY Better Than My Experience With Tofu.
I Was a Little Skeptical To The Smell Of The Product, As I Opened The Package.
But Some Frying and Spices Made It All Okay. 
In Addition To The Pre-Spicedness, I Added Some Extra Salt, Pepper and Dried Basil.
I Fried It Up In a Saucepan; Using Extra-Virgin Olive-Oil.

It Turned Out Great.
Especially With Rice!

Company: Pacific Product: Organic Seitan, Italian Herb
Quantity: 1 Carton (12oz/340g) Value: 4.77,- USD
1.00,- USD OFF Any Seitan Product
1.00,- USD OFF Any Non-Dairy Beverage

Chocolate Cereal
 Like Weetos, But Better!
When I Was a Kid, I Used To Eat My Fair Share Of Weetos.
This Definitely Reminds Me Of That.
Not Just The Shape, But Also The Taste.
The Only Difference Is That This Tastes Fresher and More Chocolate-y. ^^
I Think This Would Definitely Be a Hit With Kid Cereal-Eaters,
And It's a Healthier Option!^^

Company: Love Grown Product: Power O's Cereal, Chocolate
Quantity: 1 Travel-Sized Pack (1.1oz/30g) Value: 0.67,- USD
1.00,- USD OFF Any Product

Dried Coconut

 I Gave This Product To My Mother.
As I Am No Fan Of The Taste Of Coconut.
 Inside, There Are Little Dried Shavings Of Coconut.
They Smell Fresh, Just Like Regular Coconut
Upon Tasting It, My Mother Declared That It Was Good;
Tasted Like Regular Coconut, Only Dried.
She Wouldn't Go Out Of Her Way To Get This Product.
But It Was An Okay Thing To Snack On, Being That It Was Already Here.

Company: Next Organics Product: Dried Coconut
Quantity: 1 Pack (6oz/170g) Value: 8.33,- USD

 Like a Freezy-Pop!
This Tasted So Much Like an Orange-Flavoured Popsicle.
Very Fresh-Tasting, And Not Artificial At All.
Very Nice as a Meal/Snack/Dessert.
It Was Surprisingly Gelatinous.

Company: Fruigees Product: Organic Fruit Snack, 24 Carrot Orange
Quantity: 1 Pack (3.5oz/99g) Value: 1.79,- USD

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