Friday, 22 July 2016

Vegan SEX-ED | Episode 2 | VIDEO

How To Put On a Condom! :D
Products Used
Glyde 100% Vegan Contraceptive Brand
RFSU Their Condoms Are 100% Vegan

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

VeganTuck | ULTIMATE Box | July 2016

With This Month's Box We've Helped a Tiny Pig Get a Better Life! :D
Savvi Was Rescued By a Place Called Pigs in the Woods.
After The Family Who Bought Him as a 'micro-pig' Couldn't Keep Him Anymore.

Here's This Brave, Little Guy's Story: 
(Quoted From Their Site)
"Unfortunately Savvi came from a breeder who took him away from his mother at only 8 weeks old. Research shows that micro pigs don't exist except for KuneKune ones. See the 'PACT' website for further information. Although Savvi is very cute he does need a lot of commitment and time, to ensure he is house trained, provided with stimulation, fed regularly and given companionship. 
The previous owner tried their best to care for Savvi, but found that he did not get along with their dog. Ideally he should be with other pigs of his own kind. It is very hard to introduce him to other pigs when they are already established in their social groups, such as mine, but I will persevere as not everyone is as enthusiastic about looking after him in the house as I am. Perhaps in the spring time we will build him a house in the garden and find another pig in need of a friend."

 With Purchasing This Month's VeganTuck Box, 
We're "Adopting" Savvi, and Donating Funds To Be Able To Build a Separate Outside Place For Him, and To Further His Quest For a Friend! ^^

This VeganTuck ULTIMATE Subscription Box, July 2016 Edition
Contains 12 Items

0/12 Items Reviewed So Far

Cider Chips
Company: Kent Crisps Product: Sea Salt & Vinegar w/Biddenden Cider
Quantity: 1 Package (40g) Value: 0.85,- GBP

Nut Clusters
Company: I Love Bite Product: Nut Clusters Almond
Quantity: 1 Package (50g) Value: 1.69,- GBP

Yummy Earth
Company: YumEarth Product: Vitamin C Drops Anti-OxiFruits
Quantity: 1 Package (3,3oz/93,5g) Value: 3.20,- GBP

Kale Chip Inspiration
Company: Inspiral Product: Incan BBQ Kale Chips
Quantity: 1 Pack (30g) Value: 2.19,- GBP

Hoot Hoot!
Company: Hoots Snacks Product: Cheese & Onion
Quantity: 1 Package (35g) Value: 0.60,- GBP

Peppermint Patty
Company: Shire Snax Product: Peppermint Patty Bar
Quantity: 1 Bar (30g) Value: 1.00,- GBP

Go Cleo!
Company: Go Max Go Foods Product: White Cleo's Peanut Butter Cups
Quantity: 1 Bar (1.5oz/43g) Value: 2.00,- GBP

Couture Chocolate
Company: So Sweet Couture Product: Orange Chocolate
Quantity: 1 Bar (100g) Value: 4.25,- GBP

Birthday Cake!
Company: Lenny&Larry's Product: The Complete Cookie, Birthday Cake
Quantity: 1 Cookie (4oz/113g) Value: 2.50,- GBP

Holy Lama!

Company: Holy Lama Naturals Product: Spice Drops, Garam Masala
Quantity: 1 Dropper-Bottle (5ml) Value: 3.50,- GBP

Flap Jack
Company: Wholebake Product: FlapJack Bar, Cranberry
Quantity: 1 Bar (80g) Value: 0.69,- GBP

This Company Offers a Wide Range Of Subscription Boxes.
The ULTIMATE Box - 16.50,- GBP per month
The VARIETY Box - 9.50,- GBP per month

The GLUTEN FREE ULTIMATE Box - 16.50,- GBP per month
The GLUTEN FREE VARIETY Box - 9.50,- GBP per month 

You Can Also Get Other Fun Things In Their Shop! :D
Such as a Limited One Off Boxes For Holidays etc. ^^ 

AND Every Product They Feature, They Sell In The Shop!
So If You Fall In Love With Something, You Can Buy More Individually! ^^

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Green-Pea Soup | Trying New Recipes

Ingredients Used
Frozen Peas
Fresh Lemon Juice
Fresh Churned Pepper
Vegetable Bouillon-Powder

Made Better With Some Hey! BomBay!
 I Was Hesitant About Using Cumin Again, As I Am Not a Big Fan Of It's Flavour.
But It Didn't Really Rule The Flavour Of The Dish Much, So It Turned Out Okay.
The Smell Was Horrible, So Horrible.
But The Flavour Was Okay.
Not Quite My Cup of Tea in Big Amounts, But Okay, Just as a Taste.
I Added Some
Renée Voltaire Hey! Bombay Bouillon-Powder
In Addition To The Regular Bouillon-Powder.
It Spiked Up The Recipe Some, Making It More Distinct.
Which I Felt It Definitely Needed.
But It Also Made The Cumin-Flavours More Evident.
So, All In All; This Dish Was Not Horrible, But Not a Fav Of Mine Either.

Recipe Used: From Norwegian Cookbook
"Vegan Food At It's Best"
by Jane H. Johansen

Original Titles
Rask Grønn Ertesuppe (p.56)
Book: Veganmat På Sitt Beste

Sweetpotato-Stew | Trying New Recipes

Ingredients Used
Sweet Potato
Yellow Onion
Red Paprika
Green Paprika
Canned Chopped Tomatoes
Canned Kidney-Beans
Canned Corn
Fresh Parsley

I Thought The Dish Turned Out Okay.
I Must Say, The Smell Of The Parsley-Root + Sweet-Potato Baking Together
Was Absolutely DIVINE.
It Smelled Just Like Great, Restaurant-Quality French Fries.
Yum Yum Yum.

This Smell/Taste Didn't Make It Through The Rest Of The Process Though.
It Disappeared As Soon As The Spices Came In To Play.
 I'm Learning That Cumin Is Just Not My Kind Of Spice. Not To My Taste.

The Dish Resulted In a VERY Large Amount Of Soup/Stew.
So Much So That My Pot Wasn't Actually Big Enough To Hold It
Without Spilling Over From Time To Time, During The Boiling-Process.
You Have To Have Get Yourself a BIG, HUGE Pot When Making This Dish.
If You Don't Already Have One.

I Wish The Pieces Of Veggies Weren't Quite So Firm.
The Paprika Could Do Well With Some More Prep, As It Was Very Firm, Almost Raw-Tasting.
Which I'm Not a Fan Of.

Great Cooking Tip!
Peel/Cut/Prep Everything BEFORE You Start
This Way, You'll Avoid Being Caught
In a Heat-Bubble Whilst Doing Lots Of Stuff,
And You Won't Get All Clammy/Sweaty.
This Especially Resonates Well As a Summer Cooking Tip. ^^

Recipe Used: From Norwegian Cookbook
"Vegan Food At It's Best"
by Jane H. Johansen
Original Titles
Recipe: Søtpotetgryte (p.118)
Book: Veganmat På Sitt Beste

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Baked Tomato-Bean Pot | Trying New Recipes

Ingredients Used
Canned White Beans
Canned Whole Tomatoes
Bay Leaves
Dry White Wine
Red Chili
Vegetable Bouillon-Powder
Maple Leaf Syrup

Yummy, But Gave Me Ouchies
This Dish Was So So Good.
It Was Super-Easy To Make, Didn't Take Much Effort At All.
Just Put It In The Oven, And It Practically Makes Itself! ^^
Tasty, Unique and Savoury, And It Filled Me Up Nice and Good.
But That's When It Took a Sketching Halt.
I Suddenly Felt Really Dizzy and I Got a Head-Ache.
I Think I Know Why; I Get Head-Aches From Drinking White Wine,
I Think Whatever It Is About White Wine, That Gives Me Head-Aches, 
Must Have Survived Boiling Away The Alcoholic Properties.
So If You're Like Me, And You Get Head-Aches From White Wine,
This Recipe Is Not For You.
At Least Not With The Wine In It.
This Post's Lesson
Overall: If You Are Like Me; Maybe 86 All White Wine In All Recipes.
Head-Aches and Dizziness Is No Fun.

Recipe Used: From Norwegian Cookbook
"Vegan Food At It's Best"
by Jane H. Johansen

Original Titles
Recipe: Bakte Tomatbønner (p.53)
Book: Veganmat På Sitt Beste


These Are My Absolute Favourite Vegan Products; Food and Beauty Alike, For June! ^^

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Portobello Bolognese | Trying New Recipes | VIDEO PASTA TUTORIAL

Ingredients Used
Portobello Mushrooms (Replaced With Aroma Mushrooms)
Canned Chopped Tomatoes
Vegetable Bouillon
Fresh Thyme
Fresh Chili
White Wine Vinegar
Canned Black Beans
Fresh Parsley

 I've Only Ever Tried Bolognese From a Pre-Made Mix Before.
After Tasting This I Also Strongly Believe That Any Restaurant Bolognese I've Tried,
Must Also Have Been From a Pre-Made Concoction.
Well, I've NEVER Liked Bolognese.
I've Always Found It To Be Bland, Boring and Sometimes Just Downright Unpleasant-Tasting.

So You Can Imagine My Surprise When I Really Liked This Dish.
It Was Fresh, The Ingredients Came Together In a Wonderful, Yummy Taste-Bud Experience.
Thumbs Up! ^^
I Couldn't Find Portobello Mushrooms, So I Replaced It With Aroma Mushrooms.
Which Worked Great! :)
I Also Realized That I'd Forgotten The Thyme,
Once I Looked Over The Ingredients When Writing This Post.
But Nevertheless, It Still Made For a Yummy Dish! ^^

So, Remember How I Said I Forgot The Thyme and Had To Replace The Portobello-Mushroom With Aroma-Mushrooms Instead? 
And I Though It Wasn't Going To Make a Big Difference?
OMG, This Dish, When Using All The Correct Ingredients, Is SO GOOD,
I'm Literally Speechless!
The Thyme Has SO Much To Do With The Out Of This World Flavour, It CANNOT' Be Forgotten,
Or You Will Seriously Be MISSING OUT! :D
I'm Gonna' Make This Dish Again and Again and Again and AGAIN! :D

How To Make 
I Used This Video To Learn How To Make Vegan Pasta Fresh, By Hand.
It Was SuperDuper Helpful! ^^
-Video by Jenny Mustard-

Recipe Used: From Norwegian CookBook
"Vegan Food At It's Best"
by Jane H. Johansen

Original Titles
Recipe: Portobello Bolognese (p.113)
Book:  Veganmat På Sitt Beste

Friday, 8 July 2016

Indian Carrot-Stew | Trying New Recipes

Yellow Onions
Fresh Ginger-Root
Whole Cumin-Seeds
Fresh Lime-Juice
Fresh Parsley
Jasmin Rice

Fresh Tasting
I've Tasted Instant Box Versions Of This.
This Was, Not Surprisingly, Much Better xD
Very Indian-Food Tasting.
Went Good With White Rice. ^^

This Dish Was Very Easy To Make.
Not a Lot Of Different Processes, Very Straight Forward and Simple.
Definitely Much Less Time-Consuming Than The Other Recipes I've Tried From This Book,
Thus Far.

Bottom Line; This Was An Okay Dish.

Today's Lesson?
Remember What I Said In a Previous Post,
About Not Needing Eye-Protection When Cutting Onions?
Yeah. How Silly Of Me xD
Get Yourself Some Hardware Eye-Goggles!
I Think That Would Do The Trick.
I'm Sure I Will Get Myself Some, and My Eyeballs Will Be SO GRATEFUL! xD
Also; When Cutting Onions, Use a SHARP Sharp, Sleek Knife; Anything Else;
Will Make The Onion "Vapor" That Stings The Eyes, So Much Heavier. o.O
I Didn't Know That Until Today; When I Ended Up "Crying" My Eyes Out.

Recipe Used: From Norwegian Cookbook
"Vegan Food At It's Best"
by Jane H. Johansen

Original Titles
Book: Veganmat På Sitt Beste
Recipe: Gulrotgryte (p.129)

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Royal Broccoli Soup | Trying New Recipes

Ingredients Used
Yellow Onion
Vegetable Bouillon-Powder
Fresh Lemon-Juice

Perfect For When You're Sick! :D
This Dish Really Surprised Me.
I Didn't Think I'd Like It.
The Overwhelming Smell Of Broccoli and Onion In My Kitchen, During Making This,
Was Really Nauseating, And I Thought To Myself; WHY Did I Decide To Make Another Soup??
After Yesterdays Underwhelming Carrot-Soup Meh-Time, I Really Felt Like, I Should Have Chosen Anything But Soup For Today's Dinner. But, What Can You Do. It Was All Planned, and Ingredients Acquired, So Broccoli-Soup It Is!

I Decided To Go Heavy (More Than The Recipe Said)
On Fresh Lemon, Bouillon-Powder and Chili-Powder.
Which Gave It a Real Kick! ^^
I Think This Soup Would Serve So Well When You're Sick!
The Vegetables As Nourishment,
And The Spiciness As a Powerful Energy-Boosting Pick-Me-Up! :D
PURRFECT For When You Feel Like Crap! ^^

Lesson From Today's Food-Adventure:
 Have Fun With Spices!^^

Recipe Used: From Norwegian Cookbook
"Vegan Food At It's Best"
by Jane H. Johansen

Original Titles
Book: Veganmat På Sitt Beste
Recipe: Helt Konge Brokkolisuppe (p.145)

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Carrot-Soup w/Chickpea-Pancakes | Trying New Recipes

Ingredients Used
Yellow Onion
Vegetable Bullion-Powder
Fresh Basil

Bland & Boring
I Was Not Wowed By This Dish.
Both The Soup and The Pancakes Were Very Bland.
It Wasn't Bad, and It Wasn't Good.
It Just Was.
I Think The Amount Of Salt I Had To Add To My Bowl Of Soup,
To Make It Taste Much Of Anything, Summed Up My Thoughts Of It Quite Accurately.
I Even Tried "Spicing"The Pancakes Up With My Own Little Twist,
Using Pan-Fried Tomatoes, Garlic and Fresh Basil.
But To No Avail.
None Of Those Flavours Came Through In The Final Product.

Have Any Tips That Could Save This Recipe From Boring The Taste-Buns?
In The Comment-Section^^

Recipe Used: From Norwegian Cookbook
"Vegan Food At It's Best"
by Jane H. Johansen

Original Titles
Book: Veganmat På Sitt Beste
Recipes: Gulrotsuppe (p.146) & Kikerterpannekaker (p.146)

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Vegan Beetroot Burgers w/ Lemony Potatoes | Trying New Recipes

Ingredients Used:
Black Beans
Smoked Paprika Spice
Cumin Spice
Yellow Onion
Fresh Parsley

Tastes Like Regular Burger!
I Was So Impressed To Find That This Dish Tastes So Close To The Regular Non-Vegan Burger,
I Don't Think Anyone, If Not Told, Would Be Able To Taste The Difference. :D
It Was Better In Fact, As It Did Not Have Any Of The Unpleasant Decaying Corpse Aftertaste
As Regular Burgers Have. 
(And Yes, That Is a Real Thing -_- 
I Get Nauseous Just Thinking About It )
It's Also Worth Mentioning That I Don't Like Beetroot By Itself,
So For Anyone Skeptical About The Use Of Beetroot, Don't Worry,
It Doesn't Taste Like Raw Beetroot. ^^
UPDATE: However, When I Took Greedy Chunky Bites Of It, When I Was Really Hungry, 
All Of a Sudden, There Was This Very Unpleasant Taste... Maybe The Beetroot o.O

My Mother Was Especially Taken With The Lemony Potatoes.
And Said It Paired Perfectly With The Burger.  ^^

Lemony Potatoes
This Is My Own Personal Recipe

Rinse 4 Potatoes, Do Not Peel Them
Cut Potatoes Into Boats.
Make a Spice Bath To Dip Them In;
Using Lemon, Canola Oil, Salt and Pepper
Mix Salt and Pepper, Squirt Some Fresh Lemon-Juice In There
Add Some Canola-Oil
 Bathe The Cut Potatoes In This Mix.
Let It Sit In The Spices For a Little While,
Before You Bake Them In The Oven/Fry Them
(P.S: Do Not Be Alarmed By The Strange Colour The Potatoes Turn As a Result Of The Lemon)

Recipe Used: From Norwegian Cookbook
"Vegan Food At It's Best"
by Jane H. Johansen

Original Titles
Book: Veganmat På Sitt Beste
Recipe: Rødbeteburger Fra En Annen Galakse (p.95)

Monday, 4 July 2016

VeggieWok w/Asian Pepper-Sauce | Trying New Recipes

Ingredients Used:
Black Pepper
Red Sichuan-Pepper
Green Paprika
Yellow Onion
Red Chilli
Vegetable Bouillon-Powder
Jasmine Rice

Restaurant Quality Awesome!
This Dish Was SO Mouthwateringly Awesome,
Just Thinking About it, Makes My Taste-Buds Go Insane! :D
It Reminded Me Of Great Chinese Dishes That I've Had at Chinese Restaurants Before,
All The Flavours Came Together Like a Taste-Bud-Explosion, a Taste-Bud-Gasm!
The Flavours Weren't Hot/Spicy At All, Just Savoury and Fab! ^^
Words Can't Do Just How Amazing This Dish Is, Justice!

I Like How This Dish Was Very Easy To Shop For.
No SuperHard To Find Ingredients.
This Books Is Proving a Must-Have For All Scandinavian Vegan Foodies Out There! ^^

When Cutting Onions
People Go On and On About How They've Got Tricks To Prevent Your Eyes From Watering,
When Dealing With Onions.
I've Come To The Conclusion That, If You Just Have Good Ventilation
(Fresh Air Coming In, Through a Window Or Something)
And Don't STUFF Your Face Into The Onions, You'll Be Relatively Fine.
However, If You Don't Wear Gloves When Cutting Onions,
Your Nose Will Regret It For Over a Week After!
I Learned This Lesson The Hard Way, After a Previous Onion-Cutting Session.
No Matter How Many Times I Washed My Hands,
I Cut My Fingernails Off, Down To Stubbs,
For Days After, My Fingers Smelled As If They Just Finished a Long,
Hard Bath in a Pool of Potent Onion.
It Was, Nauseating.

So This Post's Special Little Lesson:
When Cutting Onions, or Ginger-Root, Stuff That Smells

Recipe Used: From Norwegian Cookbook
"Vegan Food At It's Best"
by Jane H. Johansen

Original Titles
Book: Veganmat På Sitt Beste
Recipe: Grønnsakswok Med Peppersaus (p.135)

Friday, 1 July 2016

Thaipot w/Grilled Paprika & Extra Creamy Sauce | Trying New Recipes

Ingredients Used:
Red Paprika
Yellow Paprika
Red Curry-Paste

This Dish Turned Out Okay.
It Was Tasty, and Fun To Make.
The Extra Amount Of Coconut-Milk,
Coupled With The Soy-Sauce, Really Did Wonders
In Counteracting Any Spiciness Becoming Painful.
While Still Preserving The Spicy Flavours Well.
It Turned Out To Be a Round, Creamy Sort Of Dish.

I Especially Liked The Grilled Paprikas.
I Was Not Aware Of That Way Of Preparing Them, 
And They Turned Out SO Savoury!

For Years I've Wondered Why I Enjoy Paprikas In My Asian-Foods When I Eat Out, 
But Never Seemed To Be Able To Replicate That Experience At Home.
I Think Grilling Them In The Oven Might Be What Was Missing! :D
Yaay, I Learned Something NEW While Cooking This Dish!^^

How To Grill Paprikas
Pre-Heat Your Oven, To a High Temp. (Approx 225-250c)
Cut Your Paprikas In Half Along, Not Across The Pepper.
Clear Out All Seeds and Veins. (And Stem/"Hat" ;)
Take a Sheet of Baking-Paper, Place The Paprikas, Skin-Side Up (Uncut Side)
Grill Them Until The Skin Turns Black and Bubbly. 
(Doesn't Have To Be On The Entire Pepper, Spots Of Black Will Appear)
Then Take Them Out, 
Wait Until They've Cooled Down Enough, 
For You To Be Able To Handle Them.
Peel Off The Skin.
You Can Use Them Without Doing Anything More To Them
Or Take The Meat, Pull/Cut It Into Strips.
Before You Add It To Your Dish.

The Recipe Used: From Norwegian Cookbook
"Vegan Food At It's Best"
by Jane H. Johansen

Original Titles
Book: Veganmat På Sitt Beste
 Recipe: Thaigryte Med Grillet Paprika Og Ekstra Kremet Saus (p.130)