Thursday, 7 July 2016

Royal Broccoli Soup | Trying New Recipes

Ingredients Used
Yellow Onion
Vegetable Bouillon-Powder
Fresh Lemon-Juice

Perfect For When You're Sick! :D
This Dish Really Surprised Me.
I Didn't Think I'd Like It.
The Overwhelming Smell Of Broccoli and Onion In My Kitchen, During Making This,
Was Really Nauseating, And I Thought To Myself; WHY Did I Decide To Make Another Soup??
After Yesterdays Underwhelming Carrot-Soup Meh-Time, I Really Felt Like, I Should Have Chosen Anything But Soup For Today's Dinner. But, What Can You Do. It Was All Planned, and Ingredients Acquired, So Broccoli-Soup It Is!

I Decided To Go Heavy (More Than The Recipe Said)
On Fresh Lemon, Bouillon-Powder and Chili-Powder.
Which Gave It a Real Kick! ^^
I Think This Soup Would Serve So Well When You're Sick!
The Vegetables As Nourishment,
And The Spiciness As a Powerful Energy-Boosting Pick-Me-Up! :D
PURRFECT For When You Feel Like Crap! ^^

Lesson From Today's Food-Adventure:
 Have Fun With Spices!^^

Recipe Used: From Norwegian Cookbook
"Vegan Food At It's Best"
by Jane H. Johansen

Original Titles
Book: Veganmat På Sitt Beste
Recipe: Helt Konge Brokkolisuppe (p.145)

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