Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Sweetpotato-Stew | Trying New Recipes

Ingredients Used
Sweet Potato
Yellow Onion
Red Paprika
Green Paprika
Canned Chopped Tomatoes
Canned Kidney-Beans
Canned Corn
Fresh Parsley

I Thought The Dish Turned Out Okay.
I Must Say, The Smell Of The Parsley-Root + Sweet-Potato Baking Together
Was Absolutely DIVINE.
It Smelled Just Like Great, Restaurant-Quality French Fries.
Yum Yum Yum.

This Smell/Taste Didn't Make It Through The Rest Of The Process Though.
It Disappeared As Soon As The Spices Came In To Play.
 I'm Learning That Cumin Is Just Not My Kind Of Spice. Not To My Taste.

The Dish Resulted In a VERY Large Amount Of Soup/Stew.
So Much So That My Pot Wasn't Actually Big Enough To Hold It
Without Spilling Over From Time To Time, During The Boiling-Process.
You Have To Have Get Yourself a BIG, HUGE Pot When Making This Dish.
If You Don't Already Have One.

I Wish The Pieces Of Veggies Weren't Quite So Firm.
The Paprika Could Do Well With Some More Prep, As It Was Very Firm, Almost Raw-Tasting.
Which I'm Not a Fan Of.

Great Cooking Tip!
Peel/Cut/Prep Everything BEFORE You Start
This Way, You'll Avoid Being Caught
In a Heat-Bubble Whilst Doing Lots Of Stuff,
And You Won't Get All Clammy/Sweaty.
This Especially Resonates Well As a Summer Cooking Tip. ^^

Recipe Used: From Norwegian Cookbook
"Vegan Food At It's Best"
by Jane H. Johansen
Original Titles
Recipe: Søtpotetgryte (p.118)
Book: Veganmat På Sitt Beste

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