Friday, 1 July 2016

Thaipot w/Grilled Paprika & Extra Creamy Sauce | Trying New Recipes

Ingredients Used:
Red Paprika
Yellow Paprika
Red Curry-Paste

This Dish Turned Out Okay.
It Was Tasty, and Fun To Make.
The Extra Amount Of Coconut-Milk,
Coupled With The Soy-Sauce, Really Did Wonders
In Counteracting Any Spiciness Becoming Painful.
While Still Preserving The Spicy Flavours Well.
It Turned Out To Be a Round, Creamy Sort Of Dish.

I Especially Liked The Grilled Paprikas.
I Was Not Aware Of That Way Of Preparing Them, 
And They Turned Out SO Savoury!

For Years I've Wondered Why I Enjoy Paprikas In My Asian-Foods When I Eat Out, 
But Never Seemed To Be Able To Replicate That Experience At Home.
I Think Grilling Them In The Oven Might Be What Was Missing! :D
Yaay, I Learned Something NEW While Cooking This Dish!^^

How To Grill Paprikas
Pre-Heat Your Oven, To a High Temp. (Approx 225-250c)
Cut Your Paprikas In Half Along, Not Across The Pepper.
Clear Out All Seeds and Veins. (And Stem/"Hat" ;)
Take a Sheet of Baking-Paper, Place The Paprikas, Skin-Side Up (Uncut Side)
Grill Them Until The Skin Turns Black and Bubbly. 
(Doesn't Have To Be On The Entire Pepper, Spots Of Black Will Appear)
Then Take Them Out, 
Wait Until They've Cooled Down Enough, 
For You To Be Able To Handle Them.
Peel Off The Skin.
You Can Use Them Without Doing Anything More To Them
Or Take The Meat, Pull/Cut It Into Strips.
Before You Add It To Your Dish.

The Recipe Used: From Norwegian Cookbook
"Vegan Food At It's Best"
by Jane H. Johansen

Original Titles
Book: Veganmat På Sitt Beste
 Recipe: Thaigryte Med Grillet Paprika Og Ekstra Kremet Saus (p.130)

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