Wednesday, 20 July 2016

VeganTuck | ULTIMATE Box | July 2016

With This Month's Box We've Helped a Tiny Pig Get a Better Life! :D
Savvi Was Rescued By a Place Called Pigs in the Woods.
After The Family Who Bought Him as a 'micro-pig' Couldn't Keep Him Anymore.

Here's This Brave, Little Guy's Story: 
(Quoted From Their Site)
"Unfortunately Savvi came from a breeder who took him away from his mother at only 8 weeks old. Research shows that micro pigs don't exist except for KuneKune ones. See the 'PACT' website for further information. Although Savvi is very cute he does need a lot of commitment and time, to ensure he is house trained, provided with stimulation, fed regularly and given companionship. 
The previous owner tried their best to care for Savvi, but found that he did not get along with their dog. Ideally he should be with other pigs of his own kind. It is very hard to introduce him to other pigs when they are already established in their social groups, such as mine, but I will persevere as not everyone is as enthusiastic about looking after him in the house as I am. Perhaps in the spring time we will build him a house in the garden and find another pig in need of a friend."

 With Purchasing This Month's VeganTuck Box, 
We're "Adopting" Savvi, and Donating Funds To Be Able To Build a Separate Outside Place For Him, and To Further His Quest For a Friend! ^^

This VeganTuck ULTIMATE Subscription Box, July 2016 Edition
Contains 12 Items

0/12 Items Reviewed So Far

Cider Chips
Company: Kent Crisps Product: Sea Salt & Vinegar w/Biddenden Cider
Quantity: 1 Package (40g) Value: 0.85,- GBP

Nut Clusters
Company: I Love Bite Product: Nut Clusters Almond
Quantity: 1 Package (50g) Value: 1.69,- GBP

Yummy Earth
Company: YumEarth Product: Vitamin C Drops Anti-OxiFruits
Quantity: 1 Package (3,3oz/93,5g) Value: 3.20,- GBP

Kale Chip Inspiration
Company: Inspiral Product: Incan BBQ Kale Chips
Quantity: 1 Pack (30g) Value: 2.19,- GBP

Hoot Hoot!
Company: Hoots Snacks Product: Cheese & Onion
Quantity: 1 Package (35g) Value: 0.60,- GBP

Peppermint Patty
Company: Shire Snax Product: Peppermint Patty Bar
Quantity: 1 Bar (30g) Value: 1.00,- GBP

Go Cleo!
Company: Go Max Go Foods Product: White Cleo's Peanut Butter Cups
Quantity: 1 Bar (1.5oz/43g) Value: 2.00,- GBP

Couture Chocolate
Company: So Sweet Couture Product: Orange Chocolate
Quantity: 1 Bar (100g) Value: 4.25,- GBP

Birthday Cake!
Company: Lenny&Larry's Product: The Complete Cookie, Birthday Cake
Quantity: 1 Cookie (4oz/113g) Value: 2.50,- GBP

Holy Lama!

Company: Holy Lama Naturals Product: Spice Drops, Garam Masala
Quantity: 1 Dropper-Bottle (5ml) Value: 3.50,- GBP

Flap Jack
Company: Wholebake Product: FlapJack Bar, Cranberry
Quantity: 1 Bar (80g) Value: 0.69,- GBP

This Company Offers a Wide Range Of Subscription Boxes.
The ULTIMATE Box - 16.50,- GBP per month
The VARIETY Box - 9.50,- GBP per month

The GLUTEN FREE ULTIMATE Box - 16.50,- GBP per month
The GLUTEN FREE VARIETY Box - 9.50,- GBP per month 

You Can Also Get Other Fun Things In Their Shop! :D
Such as a Limited One Off Boxes For Holidays etc. ^^ 

AND Every Product They Feature, They Sell In The Shop!
So If You Fall In Love With Something, You Can Buy More Individually! ^^

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