Sunday, 28 August 2016

Frozen Chocolate Banana | ORIGINAL RECIPE

Vegan Chocolate

This Recipe Is All My Own, I Hope You'll Love It Just As Much As I Do! ^^

How To

The Bananas
Take However Many Bananas That You'd Like
(I Usually Go For One or Two Per Chocolate-Bar)
Peel Them, Cut Them Into Little Medallions, and Place Them On a Plate.

The Chocolate
Take The Chocolate, Break It Up Into Pieces, Place It In a Soup-Bowl.
Take a Boiler The Same Circumference As The Bowl, Fill It Half Full With Water.
Put The Bowl Of Chocolates On Top Of The Boiler, As If a Lid.
Set The Heat To High, And Let It Boil Until It's Hot,
And You See It's Hot Enough For The Chocolate To Start Melting. 
Use a Spoon To Fiddle With The Chocolates, To Check Their Melting-Progress. (NOT PLASTIC)

Use a Spoon To Collect and Pour The Chocolate On Top of The Medallions.
Once You've Achieved Desired Amount of Chocolate On Top Of Every Piece Of Banana.
Place The Dish In The Freezer.

Wait a Short While, Then You're Good To Go
Eat Directly Off of Your Plate

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