Sunday, 28 August 2016

Thai Noodle Dish | Trying New Recipes

Ingredients Used
Yellow Onion
Green Paprika Pepper
Fresh Ginger-Root

Too Peanut'y
For Me, This Dish Was Too Peanut'y In Flavour.
The Fact That The Sauce Turned Out To Be Very Dry, And a Bit Flavourless, Also Made It Just An Okay Dish, Not a New Fav.

When Making It, It Said That One Tablespoon of Chili-Oil Would Be Dangerously Close To Making It Too Hot For Some. I Gotta' Say, It Wasn't Hot at All. And I'm Sensitive To Spicy-Foods.
So If You're a BIG BIG Spicy-Fan, Go BANANAS With The Chili-Oil, When Making This Dish.
OR, Take My Mom's Advice Below, Post-Cooking! ;)

I Think This Dish Is Perfect For People Who Prefer Peanut-Flavours, 
And Who's Nit Too Big On Runny Sauces.

My Mom Thought This Dish Was Okay, And She Recommends To Add Plenty of Sesame-Oil, Soy-Sauce and Chili-Oil When Creating Your Portion. She Says This Made The Dish Fisty'er and More Savoury, and Resulted In a Rounder, Warmer Taste-Experience.

I Paired This Dish With The Explore Asian, Pad Thai Brown Rice Noodles
That I Received In My VeganCuts Snack Subscription Box a While Ago.

Recipe Used: From Norwegian Cookbook
"Vegan Food At It's Best"
by Jane H. Johansen

Original Titles
Veganmat På Sitt Beste
Recipe: Nudler Og Grønnsaker Med En Sukk For En Saus (p.132)

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