Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Upcoming Reviews!

Recently My Reviews Have Been a Bit Sporadic.
This Is Due To Changes In My Subscriptions.

I Can No Longer Afford To Subscribe To All The Vegan Subscription Boxes. :(
Of Course I'd Love To, So I Could Have Tons of Fun, Trying ALL The Stuff Every Vegan Subscription Service Has To Offer, And Blogging About It, So All Of You Can Benefit From ALL The Info About The Various Vegan Boxes Out There; But Alas, No Can Do. I'm Skint :O xD

But Here Are The Boxes I'm Still Subscribed To (See Above :)
And I'll Continue Being Subscribed To These, For As Long As I Can Afford It.

I'm Going To Continue Blogging About These Three, Each Month, Their Contents, 
Comparing Value To Price. So Look Forward To That! :D

I'm Still Going To Do The Usual Vegan Posts About Trying New Recipes Etc.
Yaay! :D 
I'm Having SO MUCH FUN In The Kitchen With This Little Experiment Of Ours! ^^

So LOTS To Look Forward To, Fellow Vegans! :D

I'm Hustling Every Day, Working Hard To Turn My Passions of Veganism, Writing, 
Film-Making and Acting Into a Paying Job.
If You Want To Help Me, Read My Posts! :)
Watch My Videos! :)
Share Them, Subscribe and Leave Encouraging Comments! ^^

 I Also Have a Crowdfunding Profile On Patreon, For Anyone Who'd Like To Help Me That Extra Mile :) REWARD: 16% Of ALL Donations Go To ANIMAL-CHARITIES! :D

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