Thursday, 15 September 2016

Mommy Lunch-ables | Trying New Recipes | FOOD PICTURES

My Mother Works Hard and Gets Up Before Dawn Every Day, To Drive a Long Way Get To Work.
I Remember All Too Well How Hard It Is To Have To Wake Up Way Too Early, And Have To Make a Long, Exhausting Drive To Get To School; And How That Affects The Spirit To Make a Good, Well-Thought Out Lunch To Cheer You Up And To Look Forward To Every Day.

After Seeing Her Numerous Times, In a Rush, Trying To Scramble Together Lunch, Before Running Out The Door In The Morning. I Decided That I Should Start Making Her Lunches, If She Wanted.
She Did. ^^

I'll Be Documenting Each Lunch I Make For Her On This Blog, and Maybe It I'll Inspire Others To Try The Lunch Combos I Made For My Mom, Themselves. Or Maybe Reading About Others Lunches, Will Inspire Others To Get VEGAN Lunch-Creative Themselves! ^^

The First Lunch I Made Consisted Of
Homemade Bread-Rolls
Adorned With Homemade Bread-Paste w/ Avocado Slices On Top
Bottle of Water

My Mother's Verdict:
She LOVED IT! ^^
She Even Took Time Out Of Her Day To Send Me an E-Mail,
Right After Enjoying It,
Just To Tell Me How Much She Liked It! :D

Ingredients Used:
Bread-Rolls: Sesame-Seeds, White Flour, Wholemeal Rye Flour, Dry Yeast Powder, Salt, Water
Paste: Cherry Tomatoes, Ruccola Salad, Olive Oil, Almonds, Walnuts

Recipes Used: From Norwegian Cookbook
"Vegan Food At It's Best" by Jane H. Johansen

Original Titles:
Book: Veganmat På Sitt Beste
Bread-Roll Recipe: Eltefrie Sesamrundstykker (p.67)
Bread-Paste Recipe: Ruccola- & Mandelpålegg (p.38)

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