Saturday, 24 September 2016

VeganCuts BEAUTY Subscription Box | September 2016

In My Most Recent Shipment From The VeganCuts Beauty Subscription Box Service
I Received These 5 Products

Blending Brush

Company: Luxie Product: Onyx Noir Blending Eye Brush
Quantity: One, Full Size Value: 16 USD

Shampoo & Conditioner

 Wonderful Hair-Care
I Really Enjoy These Products.
The Scent Is Comforting, Non-Offensive and Calming.
Not Overly Strong Scent.
The Shampoo Was Super-Delicate On My Hair, Leaving Super-Nourished and Clean.
The Conditioner Left My Hair Amazingly Soft. An Instant, Immediate Effect, Leaving The Hair Nourished and UnTangled.

Company: Willam Roam Products: Sense Shampoo & Conditioner
Quantity: 1 Bottle Shampoo, 1 Bottle Conditioner, Both Travel Size
Value: 14 USD

Facial Moisturizer

Company: Page Ashbury Product: Facial Moisturizer
Quantity: One Bottle, Sample/Travel Size Value: 7,50 USD

Body Scrub

This Product Was Okay. It Was a Nice Scrub, Thorough and Big Grains.
Whilst At The Same Time, Leaving a Nice Smoothing Body-Oil On The Skin For Moisture.
The Smell Was Nice Too, Very Perky and Citrus-y, and Not Too Perfumed.

Company: SK Pure Essentials Product: Jasmine Citrus Body Scrub
Quantity: Generous Sample Size Value: 4,50 USD

Red Lips

 Odd Tingly Sensation
I Really Liked The Colour Of This Gloss. But When I Put It On,
My Skin Started Stinging Immediately! :O
It Felt Oddly Like There Was Cactus-Poker-Hairs In There! :O
I Had To Take It Off, As It Did Not Subside, No Matter The Duration of Wearing It.
It Did Not Feel Comforting At All, Like It Contained Something It Shouldn't. o.O
Something That One Should Never Put On Ones Skin. o.O

Company: Melanie Mills Hollywood Product: Gleam Lip Radiance Lip-Gloss, Unstoppable
Quantity: 1 Full Sized Gloss Value: 24 USD
All In All I Got Great New Vegan Products To Try
At a Value of 66 USD, for Only 37,95 USD! :D

The Company Offers Two Vegan Subscription Boxes
At The Same Price-Rates

And If You Fall In Love With Certain Products, You Might Just Find Them, Available For Purchase In The Company's Online Store ;)
(Sadly, Not All Products In The Store, Ships Internationally Though)

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