Saturday, 12 November 2016


3/4 of a Bottle of Wine
2 Shallot Onions
1 Teaspoon Vegetable Bouillon-Powder

(I used a Bottle of Alcohol-Free L-Cabernet Sauvignon from Leitz winemakers)

I've been a MAJOR Red Wine Sauce SUPERFAN,
from the instant I introduced my taste-buds to it.
And now being a Vegan, 
I've been hoping I'd be able the re-create the same AMAZING flavour
that made me fall in love with it, 
fearing the lack of meat-pour off would be the nail in the coffin to finding those flavours.

I was wrong! :D

This red wine sauce is so delish, 
it's actually BETTER than any I've ever had as a non-vegan! :D

It's a Perfect pair with my Holiday Vegetables Recipe.
Hope you'll love it, just as much as I do! ^^

How To
Peel the outer-layer off the Shallots.
Then rinse them, before cutting them into medium bits; not finely-chopped, nor rough big chunks.

Pour the wine into a casserole, add the Shallots.
Heat up at a medium temperature for 5 minutes.
(at 2 minutes, add the Bouillon-Powder)
Then boil (small, occasional bubbles) at top temperature, while stirring for ca. 5 minutes.

and VOILA! ^^
a BEAUTIFUL Red Wine Sauce, Your taste-buds will ADORE You for! ^^

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