Saturday, 31 December 2016


This product was nice enough.
It did have a distinct taste, smokey maybe?
It came through the seasoning I made the dish with, which was not what I wanted or intended.
It had a good meat-texture for Tacos, and had occasional chunks of almonds.
Overall; Okay, but had a lingering taste from the product itself.

The texture is just like scrambled meat when cut up and fried.
It doesn't expire for several months.
And can be stored in room-temperature.

Ingredients: water, soy beans * 16% roasted almonds * 4%, roasted hazelnuts * 4% soy sauce * 4% (water, soybeans *, wheat, sea salt), vegetable broth (iodized salt, yeast extract, potato starch, sugar *, herbs *, celery *, carrots *, onions *, pepper *, ginger * garlic powder *, tomato and paprika *, gurkmeie *, nutmeg *, spinach *), sea salt, herbs *, paprika *, coagulant (kalciumsulfat, nigari) smoke 
* Organic ingredient

Company: Vantastic Foods Product: Bio Tofu Almond (200g)

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