Friday, 30 December 2016


This product gets a MAJOR thumbs up in my book!
It doesn't resemble Aioli, it doesn't kind of taste like the "real thing"
It 100% tastes EXACTLY like regular non-vegan Aioli! :D

I've tried making my own vegan Aioli from scratch, with not so good results, that tasted nothing like actual Aioli; so I was a bit apprehensive when opting to get this; fearing all vegan Aiolis tasted as unspectacularly non-Aioli.
Needless to say, once I tasted this, finding it tasted Super-Aioli-Delish, I was stoked! ^^

Ingredients: Sunflower oil *, water, garlic (8.6%), cane sugar *, mustard *, vinegar *, onion *, sea salt, sunflower protein *, guar flour *, pepper * 
* = Organic ingredients.

Company: Vitam Product: Aioli Mayonnaise (224ml / 7.57oz)

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