Thursday, 29 December 2016

Meatiest FAKE Meat-Balls! | VEGAN FOOD-REVIEW

This product was so akin to meat in texture and flavour,
it had my gag-reflexes going.

I know many vegans seek to replicate dishes they once loved,
especially if they became vegans due to concern for animal-welfare, 
and not for any disgust of the texture of their old favourite dishes themselves.

Me however, yes I became a vegan to save lives of all creatures
but also; was not a big fan of the texture and flavour of most meats.
Which made this product quite the unpleasant experience for me.

They come dried, like little croutons.
Then you simply let them soak in water for a period of time; they swell, and voila!
Instant meat-balls.

It's hard to imagine that a non-meat product could ever truly taste and feel like the real thing
but I can assure you, it truly did.

They even smell the same.
Not that it smelled much, but the faint smell there was to be found, it was meat-balls all the way.

So if you,unlike me, are looking to find the "meatiest" meat-replacement
THIS is definitely for you! ^^

They come in sizes of 300g and 1500g.
INGREDIENTS: Soy flour*, water (* = without genetic engineering!)
ALLERGY ADVICE: This product contains soya but it's glutenfree

Company: Vantastic Foods Product: Soya Cubes (Soya Meat)

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