Thursday, 15 December 2016

Peach-Citrus Gummy | VEGAN CANDY-REVIEW

This candy is a two-for one taste-experience.
On the one side of the candy, the yellow side, it tastes like fake-lemon/citrus,
the other side, the pink side, tastes like fake-peach.

Personally, I love fake-peach flavoured candy.
Which this was a very good specimen of.
The fake-lemon/citrus, however, was not to my liking.
But that's just because I don't like that flavour in general.

It's outside is covered in sugar, it's medium tough to bite into.

glucose syrup*, sugar*, gelling agent: carrageen, acidifier: citric acid, vegan lactic acid,acidity regulator: calcium carbonate, natural flavour: lemon*, lime*, orange*, strawberry, colouring: concentrate of blackcurrants*, carrots*, apple*, safflower, algae. (* = certified organic)
Allergy Advice:  
May contain traces of wheat.

Company: Vantastic Foods Product: Fruttibio Sour Sticks, Fruit-Jelly (75g)

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